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Winter is here, my friends. And it’s a fierce one this year. Growing up in Colorado, and going back to visit a few times a year, I’m all too familiar with the woes of snow, ice + chilly temperatures. Love to visit for a short time, but boy, I do not miss it haha. Living in the south, you think you’ve escaped all that – until God decides to bless Charleston with 5+ inches of snow once every decade of so. Which I’m actually kind of into. All that to say, I’ve garnered a decently sized ‘winter wardrobe’ over the year to make sure I’m prepared for all my travels and trips.

Goodness knows coats and boots are investment pieces that often cost a pretty penny, so here’s a round up of my top 5 winter wardrobe essentials {and trust me, this was a tough-ey to narrow down} to consider purchasing if you live in, or are traveling to, cooler climates for winter.

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  1. PUFFER COAT: I’ll admit, this it the first year I’ve owned a puffer. Crazy, I know. I just honestly have never thought they were cute and never felt the need to purchase one. Unless it was more of a ski-style jacket, which now are being made ultra-sleek.
  2. GOOD QUALITY BEANIE: And yes, I mean good quality. It’s totally acceptable to spend $25-$40 on well made head gear. Prana has been one of my favorite active/outdoor wear brands for years. They’re considered a ‘mountaineer’ brand, so most of their products are made for extreme conditions. They’re just the best. And as of the last few years, have really stepped up their fashionable items as well as keeping the basics on par.
  3. WOOL SOCKS: These babies really do keep your toes as warm as possible in winter. Whether it’s through freezing rain or snow, having wool socks in your sock drawer is a must. Cotton breaths too much and just doesn’t do quite the trick. When you’re looking for wool, do be sure your’e purchasing an anti-moisture option {like these uh-mazing gold toe ones!}. Because while wool keeps you super duper warm, it’s not a naturally breathable fabric. Anti-mouisture options are perfect for skiing or if you’re doing anything a bit active in the snow.
  4. HUNTER BOOTS: I wouldn’t recommend Hunter’s for all climates, as they’re certainly not the warmest – unless paired with a wool sock. BUT, I just love them. Year after year I get tons of use out of my two pairs {black styled here, hot pink here}, so thought they were worth a place on this list. They’re easy to get on/off, completely waterproof and durable. They’re pretty much my go-to’s for rainy days or walking Paker around the neighborhood. Plus all the stylish colors make for a fun ensemble!
  5. FLEECE PULLOVER: Hands down my favorite item for winter. It’s just so cozy for everyday wear around the house, and also layers well under coats if needed. I personally love this North Face option, but Patagonia also has amazing quality.


Traveling or Live Somewhere Cold?

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