Can y’all believe June is nearly here?! And just like that, spring has passed right on by. This is certainly not what I thought life would still be looking like 8+ weeks later, but here we are. And honestly, it could be worse. We’re making the most of the continued beautiful weather here in Charleston {although I’m starting to feel that summer humidity creep in}. And I’ve come to rather enjoy the slower pace of my day to day. My standing Sunday reservation for our weekly curbside social distanced brunch doesn’t hurt either.

What is ‘Curbside’?

If you haven’t been following along over on IG stories, you may be wondering what on earth is ‘curbside’. Quick recap – a couple weeks after Covid hit Charleston and our city took precautions with the issued ‘stay home’ ordinance, the solidarity started to take a toll. I’m an extrovert by nature, as are many of my close friends. Not being able to enjoy their company for weeks and weeks on end simply was not an option.

SO, my dear friend Sara of Beau & Ro and I decided to start a weekly ‘get together’ curbside right outside her apartment in Downtown Charleston! We each bring our own food, utensils, cloth napkins, drinks, bug spray, etc. and just post on on the street for a couple hours. The neighbors have come to rather enjoy the cheery scene it brings to the street! Haha. And for us, it’s just nice to feel a little sense of normalcy. To physically see another person, even if from a distance, is truly one of the major highlights of my week!! Other friends have joined over the weeks as well, so it’s been a special time full of countless memories and conversations for us.

Last weekend’s curbside was made extra special with the help of Yankee Candle! It’s no surprise I love me a good theme. And well, let’s be honest, any excuse to celebrate an occasion. And what an occasion curbside brunch has become! My friends were completely on board when I mentioned the idea of using Yankee Candle’s juicy citrus & sea salt candle as inspired for our ongoing Sunday brunch. Clearly they’re my people.

I set out a couple days before brunch to deliver citrus packages to the girls for them to enjoy their candle + take some inspiration for the food + bev they wanted to bring! I personally opted to make lemon poppyseed muffins from scratch. Sara made fresh squeezed blueberry basil lemonade {vodka or limoncello optional}. There was limoncello, local takeout and all. But most importantly, just a fun afternoon with friends! Time I cherish more + more these days.

Social Distanced Brunch
How to Coordinate a Social Distanced Brunch
How to Coordinate a Social Distanced Brunch

What to Bring to a Social Distanced Brunch

While we’ve obviously all had practice brunching at friend’s homes or at restaurants, but transferring your weekend festivities outside at your neighborhood park or in my case, a curb haha, looks a little different. There are definitely aspects of a successful curbside I’ve learned these past few weeks and wanted to share with y’all!

Takeout from your favorite local cafe. I love using this activity as a way to support our local restaurants. A few we’ve been supporting during this time that are open for Sunday curbside pick-up: Queen Street Grocery, 167 Raw, The Daily, Harbinger Cafe.

Cloth napkins – this is a must! Just makes you feel like you’re eating in a proper restaurant and elevates the curb appeal a smidge. I personally love the quality + weight of India Amory’s textiles!

Bluetooth speaker – get those tunes going. We’ve had this JBL one for a few years and love it. Under $100! The neighbors + passer-byers will love you for it too. Pairs well with the below playlist hehe.

Sunscreen/bug spray combo. This time of year, every year, I always joke that Avon’s {yes, total throwback, but the best} skin so soft becomes by daily perfume. And it’s the truth. Make sure you lather yourself up before hitting the streets or the park – especially in the south!

Of course I don’t go anywhere without my tumbler, so that’s a must. We’ve also found having a trash bag and wet wipes on hand to be super helpful. Sunglasses, comfy dress, lawn or beach chair – one day a neighbor even brought out a full on beach umbrella with stand for us to borrow! Haha, it’s been so fun to see it evolve. Basically anything you think you might need to be completely self sufficient on a blanket, street curb, or golf cart!

Brunch Vibes

Just as you might enjoy music + ambiance at your favorite brunching spot, so to can you do on a curb. I assure you. The gals and I have put together a compilation of songs we feel are all to fitting for such an event. Hope you enjoy! And of course, let me know if you have any recommendations for a social distanced brunch!

This post is brought to you by Yankee Candle. Thank you for supporting the brand that keep COLOR by K online!

Photos by Marni Rothschild Durlach

Brunching this weekend?

MY OUTFIT: Blue + White Dress | Margaux Sandals c/o | Amanda Lindroth Wrapped Tumblers | Blue + White Checkered Napkins | Yankee Candle Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt

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