I don’t know about y’all, but this holiday season has not been like any other. I am normally ON TOP of my gifting. Like year round shopper on top of it. I typically start wrapping gifts in October {long before the tree is set up} and space out my to-do list. Not this year, folks. Far from it haha.

We just moved into our new home a week ago. Boxes are everywhere, painters are back in for a week {joy}, tile installation still needs to be completed, hardware is backordered – the list goes on and on. It’s the first year ever where realistically, I don’t think we’ll be putting up a tree. Que the tears! But just keep reminding myself {and Sterling in preparation} – next year I’ll be THRIVING. It’s going to be freakin’ holiday bizarre status. And I cannot wait.

I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve heard from so many of you, this year still feels a bit off. We’ll get through it! So knew it would be helpful to share some easy to pull off last minute gift ideas with Yankee Candle. If you’re in a bind, these are simple enough to pick-up locally to pull off this week – find a store near you!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

for those who go the extra mile in your life

I’m sure most of us have checked our spouses, partners, Moms + Dads off our list. But there are always those special people that really do go the extra mile in our lives. Maybe it’s your hair dresser who makes you feel like a million bucks when you leave the salon. Your kids teacher that just makes your day a tad bit easier. Your Amazon driver that frequents your house just a little too much, you’re on a first name basis and know all about their family. Hahaha kidding. Or am I? They all deserve a little holiday cheer! And what better way than gifting them a 3-Wick holiday candle from Yankee Candle’s Deck the Halls Collection! These tumblers are beautifully designed to add a festive element to any home or office, and smell even better than they look. I kept one for myself, and have been burning the Balsam & Cedar for weeks now.

  • Teachers | Bless these special humans with a Yankee Candle from their Deck the Halls Collection, paired with a fun gift card! Maybe a local coffee shop in your town to support local!
  • Delivery Drivers | I love blessing our delivery guys + gals during the holidays! If you have regular route person, it will make their day!
  • Hair Stylist | Yankee Candle would make for the perfect accessory for their salon, or home!
  • Nail Techs | It’s been a while since I’ve been consistent with a nail tech, but in the past, my girl always loved when I dropped off a holiday gift. Doesn’t have to be anything huge, but a Yankee Candle is always a sure thing!
  • Doorman | Put a smile on his face with a little Magical Frosted Forest! He’s bound to love it.

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