You might notice a few {ok, or a lot} of changes around the site today. Helloooooo COLOR by K! How do we feel about the new name?! I teased last week that there were leme big changes happening here on the blog, and am beyond excited to finally reveal what myself + Lindsay have been working on these last few months!!

Choosing to rebrand was not a decision I made lightly. In all honesty, it probably took me close to a full year to wrap my head around the idea. To figure out what did my brand mean to me and those who follow, what do I want to portray moving forward, where do I see this heading. When you’re considering basically starting over and re-building When you’ve been married to a name, to a vision, and to a brand for almost 6 years…that can be hard to part with! Alas it was time to change things up, so today I wanted to share those reasons with you – my amazing + loyal readers who have been with me on this journey.

I’M NOT IN COLLEGE ANYMORE: This one applies of course to my social media handle. RIP @KristinClarkFSU. Ah, I’m sad to see her go, but it was time. I don’t think anyone will be more happy about this change then my bestie Dan Chizzoniti – he’s been after me for years to change my handle {he also hates football…soooo}. But let’s be honest here – I graduated in 2011 for Florida State University, and up until the switch would still get questions like ‘do you live in Tallahassee’, ‘do you go to FSU’, ‘what does the F-S-U stand for’? Major eye roll all day long to some of these. My alma mater will always be a part of my soul, but no longer needs to be associated with my online persona.

MY NEW NAME: This is kind of a big one – would y’all agree? After our wedding last year I legally changed my name from Clark to Chambless pretty quickly. While this is something I 100% wanted to do, Sterling sort of pushed the process along for me {oh how he knows me so well} by booking my 4th of July flight under ‘Kristin Chambless’! He was basically like – ‘Well, you’ve got until July to get all your paperwork in order. Get to it.’ Haha, such a stinker. Since the legal change it’s been a little tough to keep paperwork on partnerships straight, not to mention people I meet or interact with refer to me at Kristin Clark, but she doesn’t exist anymore! It was time to fully embrace my married lady name…although Sterling reminds me almost weekly that I need to change my voicemail. Haha.

MY NEW CITY: We officially moved to Charleston this past March, and ever since then I’ve felt a new rush of excitement about what I’m doing again. I’m inspired every single day by this beautiful city, the amazing people that live here, the food, the creative community – all of it! It’s made me excited again about what I’m doing in the blog space, and encouraged me that all my hard work isn’t lost. Because it can be tough to loose sight of why you started in the first place.

NEEDED A RE-FRESH: You know, 5 1/2 years ago when I started Living In Color Print, I in no way thought I would still be at it {and full time} come 2017. I had no clue what I was doing when I picked my name, bought the URL and set up shop. If I had had a inkling it would turn into a career, I would have put a little more strategy in play. Living In Color Print became limiting – it was long, people got the words mixed up all the time, it wasn’t clean or rolled off the tongue easily. I yearned for something that was simpler, more clean lined. But what? It took me a long time to land on COLOR by K. A name I felt still embodied that core value to ‘keep it colorful’, but also brought ME into the fold {hello, K – that’s me!}, and was more memorable. I feel I’ve achieved a re-fresh that’s still true to who I am and what my brand embodies.

INVESTING IN MYSELF: Since the beginning of blogging, I’ve been fortunate to have web designer + developer friends who have graciously helped build the graphics and back end of my various site designs. I’ve never done anything major per se, but this work came at little to no cost to me. I felt it was time for my ‘big girl’ site. A fully customized platform all my own. Yes, it was an investment, but if you don’t invest in yourself – who will? I’m a firm believer in sometimes it takes money to make money.

The new design, format, colors, all of it reflects where I’m at in my life and where I see the future of COLOR by K going. I want this space to continue to be a source of inspiration for others {it’s not all new!}, but I also want it to be a place where I can dive into different creative verticals that inspire me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown from a personal standpoint. I’m now a homeowner, enjoy nice things more, invest in luxury fashion more, appreciate travel more, host and entertain more – COLOR by K will be a reflection of that growth. You can expect to see more content variety moving forward: more local life, more travel, and definitely more home decor + entertaining segments!

Would LOVE more then anything to hear your feedback on the site!!! Good or bad, I’m all ears. What are you loving most about COLOR by K? Looking forward to seeing the most? Not loving? Do share! And if you’re thinking about rebranding your blog and have any questions, feel free to email me directly!




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It looks so great Kristin! Cheers to you!

Xx Taylor

Looks amazing!! cant wait to see you soon xoxo

Congrats, Kristin!! Totally love the fresh look, the new brand and of course the new insta handle! 😉


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