FIVE YEARS…can you believe it?! Bananas I tell you. Well, technically 5 years on 2/21, but who’s counting haha. It took me a little longer then expected to put together this post, but I wanted to share 5 lessons I’ve learned over these past 5 years of blogging here at Living In Color Print. It’s been such an eye opening experience, one that I hope will continue for years to come…with your help!

I can’t THANK YOU {you, my amazing readers, followers, and constant encouragers} enough for making this little slice of the web a fun place for me to post photos, write + share my thoughts. Here’s to the next 5 {or more} y’all!

Living In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - Blogiversary Living In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - Blogiversary Living In Color Print Turns 5 - Blogiversary Living In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - BlogiversaryLiving In Color Print Turns 5 - Blogiversary

ASOS Pink + Blue Dress Dress | Stuart Weitzman Black Nudistsong Heels | Karen Walker Sunglasses

  1. Comparison is the root of discontentment. It’s all too easy to get caught up in what everyoneeeee else is doing – what they’re wearing, buying, posting about, traveling to, who they’re working with, etc. That feeling of ‘less then’ can swoop in and truly take over {I’m guilty of this myself}. Learning to let that go, and be content if what YOU have going on is so so important. Do you. Be happy for others in their successes! Lift one another up. The bloggers that came before you + I basically paved the path for this industry, and that’s something to be praised, not ridiculed and torn down because they’re ‘making more’ or doing things you aren’t. I say YAY to all us #GirlBosses.
  1. Stay true to yourself. I know this may be a redundant life/business mantra to live by, but it’s so true. One of my favorite quotes is “to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you, is the greatest accomplishment”. I love it because we live in a world constantly throwing ‘trends’ and ‘what’s hot/new’ in our faces on the daily. You don’t always have to follow those headlines. Stay true to your style, your values and your voice. Because at the end of the day, it’s your life and you only have one to live. Don’t spend it trying to keeping up with the Jones’.
  1. Don’t kill yourself over the little stuff. This is something I’ve struggled with personally over the years, being the type-A, perfectionist that I am. I used to get so stressed over every little detail of my business – from the hair/makeup to photos and strategy. Nowadays, I don’t freak if I don’t post every single day {hey – I’ve had times where I haven’t posted for 3+ days on IG}! You will survive, and life will go on…I promise.
  1. Be nice. Although you’d think this is a given, people seem to forget sometimes in this industry. Just because someone may have more or less ‘followers’ then you, doesn’t make them any different. We’re all people, we all started from the bottom and have worked hard to get where we are. Don’t take that away from someone else. Same via email! You never really know who you’re talking with on the other end of the computer, what that person looks like, acts like, or where they may be 10 years from now {maybe working at your all-time favorite brand you’ve been dying to work with}. Remaining kind in an industry that can feel competitive at times is something I constantly strive toward.
  1. Have fun! At the end of the day, I’m so grateful to have the job I do, and a job I truly love – and that’s all because of you! I’m constantly reminding myself that even though LICP has shifted from a hobby to a fulltime career, it’s supposed to be fun! Fashion is supposed to be fun, and I intend to continue this journey with a lighthearted outlook.

photos by Luccia Lowenthal

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I love this dress! It’s so adorable! I have been blogging for almost 2 years and everything you say is so true. I’ve met some of the nicest fellow bloggers. Even though many I’ve only spoken to through a screen, they are people who I consider friends and who I hope to meet one day.


Great advice!!! I feel like these are things I need to be reminded about all the time! Congrats and happy anniversary!

Congrats to you!!

Happy, happy, happy YOU!!!!

Congratulations!!! Love this!

Congratulations!! Love following along with your journey. This dress is absolutely stunning!! I’m obsessed with these pics! They’re beautiful!

Love, love, love!!! So proud of you!!!!!

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