5 Things to Know Before Visiting Buenos Aires

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Buenos Aires
Planing a trip to Buenos Aires? Here are 5 tips I wish someone would have shared with me prior to my 7 day trip to Argentina.

BRING CASH | I can’t stress this enough. And bring more then you think you might need. Getting money out of ATMS around Buenos Aires is not as easy as one would think (or as you’ve possibly experienced in other countries). It’s a pain in the butt, and the fees alone can cost you around $15USD per $100USD you take out!

AMERICA DOLLARS | USD are actually accepted quite a lot here – especially at markets and in exchange for drivers or tips. At least for now, the dollar holds about 15pesos to 1USD and the gap is expected to widen even further in the coming years. Therefore many locals are keen on accepting USD, as they know inflation will forever be in favor of the dollar.

TAXIS + UBER | Are both pretty safe and secure around these parts. Taxis operate on a mandated system to calculate rides, so that limits any possible hustling. Uber (my preferred method of transportation) is, not surprisingly, in a constant battle with the government to operate ‘legally’ here, but that’s nothing new. Currently they can’t pick-up from the airport (only drop-off, but taxis are widely available at the airport upon arrival), but are prevalent everywhere else around the city.

WHAT TO WEAR | If you’re like me, planning and packing what to wear is a huge part of your trip prep. You want to look stylish, but be comfortable and functional at the same time – along with not standing out like a total tourist. Argentines dress similarly to Europeans. Think lots of neutrals (black, white, blue, brown) and layers. I’d stick to flats or cute sneakers vs. heels since you’ll be doing a lot of walking. I visited the country in June, Argentina’s winter, which felt more like fall to me personally. Have layers on hand and you’ll be good anytime of year.

SAFETY | I think many have pre-conceived notions of South American countries. That they’re un-safe, dangerous, or should be avoided. And while that may be true in some parts of the continent, but I personally found the people of Buenos Aires + Mendoza to be friendly, welcoming and not alarming. Christina + I stayed out until literally 5AM one night just drinking and chatting at a corner restaurant and not once did I feel uncomfortable walking around that evening. Like any new place you’re visiting {heck I even follow this rule in NYC}, but smart. Be aware of your surroundings, do research and make your ‘home base’ in a neighborhood you’re comfortable with – overall just use commonsense.

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