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Whether it’s a new season, new week or new day, we all need a fresh start from time to time. An opportunity to change things up! Which could be a change from coffee to tea in the morning, going for a run outside instead of the gym, or even using a new shaving cream. See how I did that transition? Haha. Smooth…pun intended.

Today, I’m teaming up with eos again {you may recall my recent review on their Crystal Balm} to talk about how I’ve recently changed a few things up to get that fresh start feel for spring!

  1. TAKING CARE OF MY SKIN: from season to season, I switch up what I’m using on my skin. It’s such an important part of my daily routine, so having products that properly treat my skin when it’s cold vs. hot, dry vs. humid, etc. is key to a healthy glow + texture. I’ll admit, I used to shave simply using conditioner, shampoo, body wash – whatever was available in my shower. When I received the eos shaving cream for sensitive skin, I was excited to have a shaving cream that not only smelt amazing {hello lavender}, but was also ultra moisturizing throughout the shaving process. I think we’re all still in these weird ‘transitional’ weeks from winter to spring, so I’m happy with any extra moisturizer I can get! It’s a total game changer if you’ve struggled with finding a shaving cream that doesn’t irritate your skin! Click here to find a convenient store near you that carries eos shaving cream.
  2. DRINKING MORE WATER: This should be a given, but I think we all get super caught up in the busy-ness of life that drinking water isn’t as important. Wrong. I notice a significant difference in my skin when I’m drinking lots of water, so this is something I’ve been doing more of in the last few weeks for healthy, happy skin.
  3. FINDING TIME IN THE SUN: To add to the above, we’re all busy, I get it. But finding time to be out in the sun {with SPF protection of course} is a great way to jump start your day! Even if it’s just 5 minutes on the front porch, a quick walk to get coffee, whatever works for you! Try making the change, promise you’ll love it.

What are some things y’all have been shifting lately to feel like you’re getting a fresh start?!

photos by Rachel Red Photography
This post is brought to you by eos, in partnership with Collectively Inc. All thoughts, opinions + imagery are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep COLOR by K online!



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