We recently returned from our {unsponsored} 3-night stay at Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, and wow. I wasn’t positive this was a trip I’d share on here, asI often like to not put that expectation or pressure on myself when we’re traveling just for us. But Cumberland Island and including a Greyfield Inn Review is just too special not to share.

Greyfield Inn had been on my radar for several years, and while circumstances have shifted our travel domestically and much closer to home these past couple years, there are so many incredible destinations to explore in the southeast. Montage Palmetto Bluff, High Hampton, Blackberry Farm to name a few.

But back to Greyfield – I had always envisioned visiting the property during the fall/winter months. Granted, it’s open year round, but there was just something alluring about cozying up by a fire at a more off the beaten path destination that sounded idyllic. Not to mention, if you live in the South, you know the heat + bugs can be brutal in the summertime. So when we were thinking about our holiday season this past summer {yes, I’m a planner haha}, I reached out to see if they had any availability since they book out pretty far in advance. Low and behold they did, and it worked out perfectly for us to visit for a few nights between Christmas and New Years. From the moment we stepped onto the ferry, I knew we had made a good decision.

Greyfield Inn Review | Cumberland Island, GA

Best time to visit Cumberland Island

I would say early spring and late fall are probably the peak times to visit Cumberland Island. Although we really enjoyed visiting in late December. Remember, you’re in south Georgia, so the summers are hot + muggy and ‘winter’ is typically pretty mild. However, there’s something to do on the island year-round, from the beach and water actives {swimming, kayaking, boating} to biking and hiking.

A Little History About Greyfield Inn

Located on Cumberland Island, Georgia, Greyfield Inn is a 19th century home built by Thomas and Lucy Carnegie in 1900 as a family retreat for their daughter Margaret. You’ll see many family photos and heirlooms around the property that ooze old world charm and that special family heritage. The home was converted to a commercial use inn in 1962 by Margaret’s daughter, Lucy R. Ferguson. The property sits on 200-acres of pristine, undeveloped land, making it home to wild horses, birds, armadillos, deer and all sorts of wildlife. The Carnegie family still oversees the Inn, with the help of an incredible team who’s attention to detail and service is impeccable.

What’s Included in your Stay

Each room at Greyfield Inn has it’s own individual rate, based on location, size, shared vs. private bathroom, etc. Within this rate includes:

  • Parking at Fernandina Beach
  • Ferry from Fernandina to Greyfield Inn (about 45 mins)
  • Use of bikes + sports equipment while on property
  • Island Tours with the on-property Naturalists
  • 3 Meals Daily | seated breakfast, picnic to-go style lunch, seated dinner
  • Cocktail Hour | the hour prior to dinner, guests will gather on the porch or front room for light nibbles
  • All non-alcoholic beverages

Is It Child Friendly?

In short, yes! I would say the majority of guests we encountered traveled without their kiddos. But we saw a couple families with grade school age kids that seemed to really enjoy themselves! Keep in mind, Greyfield has limited cell service and no wifi, so most of the kids we saw were enjoying the great outdoors and quality time with their family.

Greyfield Inn Review | Cumberland Island, GA


I could go on and on for days about the interiors at Greyfield Inn. Each of the 15 rooms are just so perfectly curated from generations of family-owned furniture, heirlooms and 19th and 20th century antiques.

When you enter the main inn, you’re greeted by a simple foyer with rich carpets laid out beneath you. To the left is the main staircase that guests use to access upper rooms and the dining room/kitchen below. Guests are encouraged to visit the kitchen at your leisure, which I really enjoyed. Each day, we strolled into the kitchen to re-fill water bottles {don’t pass up the daily lemonade!} or grab a snack. All the while, staff members were busying about the kitchen prepping the next meal, etc. But always there to strike up a conversation or answer any questions. It’s a very comfortable, relaxed environment. And everyone from the Inn’s team to the guests, to the animals can feel that.

To the left of that, you enter my favorite room on the property – The Sitting Room {pictured to the right}. Layered with original art, bright orange drapes, mahogany furniture – gah, it’s incredible. We spent each night here after dinner chatting with other guests or just enjoying drinks + playing cards.

The main floor also consists of a beautiful back porch overlooking the property, the Honest John Bar where guests can pour their own drinks anytime {beer, wine + full bar}, as well as a Library. Well stocked with precious antique books which are not to be touched, but they’re fun to parrooz for odd titles + fun colors.

Our Room

We booked the Big Cottage Front Room – details for which can be found here. All of the rooms are well designed to be functional and not overly decorated. They’re just the right amount of old world charm. We found ourselves spending the majority of our time on the front porch of the Main Inn or out and about on property. So if you’re looking at booking Greyfield Inn, I’d encourage you not to worry too much about the room itself, but rather enjoy your surroundings.

The only thing I would note; if you’re staying in one of the two Cottages on property, the water used throughout the sinks + showers is pretty potent sulfur water. The was expected for us, but bearable. However, for our next visit, I would guess we’ll stay in the Main Inn which has a different water source.

Garden Fresh Food at Greyfield Inn | Cumberland Island, GA


In true Bed + Breakfast fashion {or all inclusive as may technically be more accurate}, all meals are included in your stay at Greyfield Inn.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner consist of fresh ingredients from the Inn’s garden, on the island or as local as they can source.

To the left | our picnic-style grab + go lunch one afternoon, which consisted of fresh green salad with smoked turkey, crispy chick peas with a herb vinaigrette and a side of the best potato salad I’ve ever had. The flavor profiles Chef Jada Veljkov puts together are exquisite. We truly enjoyed every meal while on property.

For reference, other meals included: scrambled eggs each morning, turkey sandwich and orzo salad, perfectly prepared fish and pork chops. I can’t remember all of the delicious sauces and accompaniments, but none disappointed!

Beautiful, Foggy Morning at Greyfield Inn

What to Wear at Greyfield Inn

Honestly, I needed someone to tell me this before I packed. So here I am, sharing what I learned so you don’t do the same.

Ladies – load up on your active/athleisure wear. That’s pretty much all you’ll be wearing during the day. From exploring the island by foot or on bike, to a tour with one of the staff Naturalists; leave the jeans and cute tops at home. In the evenings, everyone adheres to the dress code. Pack a nice dress for each evening, along with a modest pair of heels. No need for an evening bag…you’re walking down the stairs to dinner. If you’re staying in a Cottage, it’s a little walk to the Main Inn for dinner {in the dark, with a flashlight}, so you could even forgo the heels and stick to fancier flats or booties.

Gents – same as the above for daytime. Jackets are requirement for dinner service, so pack your coats and loafers or sleeping slippers to match. No need for a tie. But this is the South, and Gentleman are typically dressed to impress.

Side note – while Sterling & I brought one full suitcase each, we noticed most of the other guests had smaller luggage/carry-on style. Remember, you’re getting on a ferry and your luggage has to be hauled around by the Inn’s team. Food for thought. Andddd noted for next time. Ha.

Overall Greyfield Inn Review

Don’t think about it, JUST BOOK! Greyfield Inn is more than a Bed & Breakfast or an all-inclusive experience. It’s like stepping back in time, when the world was a bit simpler. And experiencing this beautiful, grand house in all its’ glory, but as a house guest, rather than a hotel guest. If that makes sense. Their team truly makes you feel right at home, in the best way. It’s relaxed, while still offering plenty to do and see.

This may not be the best spot if you need to constantly be doing something at all times while you travel. Don’t get me wrong, there’s certainly plenty to do + see on Cumberland Island {we did a 14 mile bike ride one afternoon!), I feel the beauty of Greyfield is disconnect and just be. There’s no TV’s on property, no wifi, and limited cell service. Embrace it. Grab a good book, find a board game in the Sitting Room and enjoy!

Needless to say…we’ll be back!

Wild Horses on Cumberland Island
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