Known by some as the sister city to Charleston, just under 2 hours down the road lies the historic town of Savannah. With its rich history, lush squares and beautiful architecture, it’s no surprise this southern city is a stand out destination on its own. And only in part due to their open container policy {although it is a fun perk}. I’ve enjoyed several visits over the years, so felt it was about time to put together a guide to Savannah through my eyes. Something that includes my favorite spots. Along with some things I think are overrated {eeeek!}, and places you can’t miss.

Guide to Savannah

How Long Should I Stay in Savannah?

I would say 1-2 nights is ample time! Of course dependent on your schedule and what else you might be trying to see, I would try to shy away from Sunday {aside from brunch on your way out of town} because a lot of the quaint, family-owned stores/businesses are closed that day. But you’ll find there are not an overwhelming number of unbelievable dining options, so a short trip is the perfect stint for you to see the best of the best.

Savannah Hotels

Throughout my trips, I’ve stayed at several Airbnbs {which I would absolutely do for a Bach or large group; there are some great, historic homes downtown}, The Alida and Perry Lane. Would recommend Perry Lane 10 fold! Everything from their staff to the decor/bed comfort {very important haha} to the rooftop bar is absolute perfection. Being greeted upon arrival with champagne in hand is a sure way to start off your vacay. Not to mention, you can take it to-go, because just a reminder – Savannah is an open container city! Sip + stroll is an everyday occurrence in these parts. One would argue the Perry Lane pool is rather small {only thing I can think of as a ‘negative’}, but I’ve always wanted to be out and about enjoying the city, so the pool was never top of mind. It’s where I’ll absolutely plan to stay in future!

Best Restaurants in Savannah

Unlike Charleston, Savannah lacks {in my opinion} a large number of quality food + outstanding atmosphere restaurants. There are definately some great spots, just not that many of them. The few that are always top of my list:

THE COLLINS QUARTER | Brunch. All. Day. Need I say more? Hands down the most popular {and for good reason} brunch/lunch spot in town!

THE EMPORIUM KITCHEN & MARKET | Connected to Perry Lane Hotel. Great ambiance and food for lunch + dinner. Solid fries! And fruit salad {random, I know – but truly so delicious}.

THE FAT RADISH | Additional location to the famed NYC restaurant, The Fat Radish never disappoints.

I absolutely hate writing negative reviews of places, but I also believe honest write-ups are often the most helpful. If you’re reading this, I want you to be assured that each recommendation for this guide to Savannah was thoughtfully placed with consideration. On the flip side, I would like to note just a few placed I’ve found to be overrated in the area: The Grey and Olde Pink House. Gasp. This may be an unpopular opinion, but felt I should share nonetheless. I’ve dined at The Grey twice now for dinner, and both times felt the food was lacking. Amazing atmosphere and experience, simply underwhelmed by our dishes. Old Pink House has sadly gone down hill in recently years. Once a thriving, fine dining restaurant, now feels a bit overrun and not kept up like it once was. 

Guide to Savannah | Where to East in this Charming Southern City
Guide to Savannah | Best Shopping in the South

Shopping in Savannah

The shopping scene has become increasingly more my jam over the years. Go Savannah! There’s a good amount of lovely boutiques and specialty shops I thoroughly enjoy supporting when I visit, but here are my top picks.

COURTLAND & CO | the best spot in town for tabletop + linens! All of their napkins are completely customizable, and in-store offers a much larger color selection than visible on their online storefront. The downstairs level also has some adorable clothing for littles!

 THE PARIS MARKET | great stop for tea/coffee and a Parisian treat, with a side of shopping. The first floor is teaming with beautiful coffee table books + jewels, while the basement level houses tabletop + home goods. It might be a little overrated, The Paris Market is still worth a visit.

ONE FISH TWO FISH | a beautiful home goods store, where you’ll find a variety of products from luxury candles to furniture + tabletop items.

Guide to Savannah | Best Antique Shopping in the South

Best Antique Shops in Savannah

While the city has quite a few antique shops that may be notable, these are the few that stand out to me personally, and ones I will continue to visit year after year:

Alex Raskin Antiques

What a gem! Even if you’re simply doing a little window shopping, the location of ALEX RASKIN ANTIQUES alone is worth a visit. Stacks and layers of furniture placed throughout every inch of a 4 story historic Savannah home. Need I say more. Don’t let the entry/downstairs fool you, the upstairs is where some true gems lie in wait. Not necessarily curated in the sense that pieces are styled up as you would display them in your own home {no frills here}, but Alex’s eye for bringing in unique pieces in pristine condition is quit the talent. You won’t find tabletop/glassware at this storefront, but pairs of accent chairs, lamps, mirrors and other odds and ends can be found with some digging.

Jere’s Antiques

My all-time favorite store {or rather warehouse} in town when I’m on the hunt for a piece of furniture: JERE’S ANTIQUES. Jere’s team {Vicky, Adam + Jere himself and his pickers} are all extremely knowledgable about the store’s inventory, and can impressively navigate around rows + rows of strategically placed furniture to help steer you in the right direction. We discovered our small, French, gilded, parquet top coffee table here a couple years back. One of our favorite home pieces we’ve purchased to date! Prices are great {and always negotiable}. Again, furniture only here – no small items aside from side tables or small furniture items.

Not notable on it’s own, but if you find yourself over by the river at Jere’s, pop across the street to ATTIC ANTIQUES. It’s packed full of {admittedly} mostly nick knacks and perhaps nothing too riveting, but I have been known to find a gem or two here and there. Scored a sweet Royal Copenhagen accent plate this last trip. Plus the owner is the kindest older gentleman who has been in business for 27 years. He loves chatting with customers and you can tell he really appreciates the support.

Southern Charm Antiques

A great spot in the heart of Downtown Savannah for antique and heirloom tabletop pieces. From china and flatware to old postcards and linens. I find SOUTHERN CHARM ANTIQUES to be a tad overpriced, but have definitely found some gems that are totally worth it.

Guide to Savannah | Best Antique Shopping in the South

Traveling to Savannah GA During Covid

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked for recommendations specific to Covid regulations, best outdoor dining options, and overall vibe of a city during Covid times. While it’s something I truly never thought I’d include in my travel guides, it’s where we’re at in the world and I know y’all find it helpful. Myself included! When we went to Napa last September I had a tough time finding reliable information on what was open, outdoor options. etc.

Savannah is doing a great job with their outdoor dining options, as well as maintaining all proper precautions to keep locals + visitors alike safe. A few spots that are especially note worth in my book include: The Grey’s yurt dinner experience {food was a little overrated in my opinion, but this experience itself was very cool}, and the outdoor dining area {that has greatly expanded} at The Collins Quarter.

Guide to Savannah | Camellias in the Square
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