Top 5 Tips for Healthy Summer HairTop 5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair Top 5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

The days are getting warmer + warmer as summer quickly approaches. With that comes the excitement of longer days, beach trips, vacations…AND, on a less exciting front, more sun exposure that tends to cause additional damage to your hair. So today, I’m partnering with Hair Food {in coordination by Simply Stylist} to share my top 5 tips for healthy hair this summer!

If you’re not familiar with the brand, let me just say, this stuff is truly amazing!! As you can imagine, and I’m sure can relate, I’ve tried a gazzillion hair products over the years. + I switched to using Hair Food the past 2 weeks {bible} and can actually notice a difference in the look + FEEL of our locks! It’s pretty incredible. The line is super affordable + available at Target!

Nourishing Products | Well, first and foremost, feed your hair with super food-inspired ingredients found in Hair Food’s shampoo and conditioners! They believe the ingredients you put on your scalp are just as important as the food you eat, and I couldn’t agree . The     Color Protect Collection is my favorite. The sulfate-free formula is designed to protect hair color, while keeping hair shiny and soft.

Shield Your Locks | make sure you’re applying some type of mouse, gel or spray that provides UV protection for your hair before heading out in the sun. This will make a world of difference in the summer months!

Go Au Naturel | I know we can all get into the routine of blow drying, ironing + curling, but I encourage you to try not to this summer! Or at least not as much. I’ve personally been letting my hair naturally dry a lot more lately and have been loving it. Embrace the naturel!

Loose + Up Styling | a messy braid or bun is a great way to shield strands from the sun, and is also better than tight styles that can pull/tear your locks in the process. Check out my Pinterest board for some summer hair inspo.

Switch Up Your Comb | try a wide brush comb, or wet brush, as opposed to a traditional brush. I personally can’t get enough of my The Wet Brush. I also try to comb my hair in the shower after conditioning to cut back on breakage!

photos by Rachel Red Photography

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