We are absolutely in our ‘toddler era’ where toys, cars + books are can be found in every room of our home – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But in the mornings and throughout the day, it’s really nice to have more of a designated space for Clarke to safely play with all his favorites. We’ve also found this space to be particularly helpful with our nanny share, sitters and grandparents. It provides boundaries (the room itself), while also giving Clarke the freedom to pull from shelves and bins at will. It’s been several months since we’ve had this complete set-up, so I can whole heartedly say it’s working!

Color Palette

It’s no surprise that I adore green. We have various greens throughout our entire home, and while I neglected using the color is Clarke’s nursery, it felt like to bring it back up in yet another space once I started scheming for this color filled playroom. Finding the perfect flooring was really the first step (and somewhat of a challenge). If you’ve looked for cute, kids flooring you know it’s a tall order. I finally came across these darling tiles on Coco Village and was SOLD. Sadly, truth be told, my shopping experience this them was not great. Shipping took forever, and getting ahead of someone from their Customer Service department was a bear. I ended up not measuring correctly initially and had to re-order tiles not once, but twice. All that to say, we love these tiles, but order at your own discretion!


Some may not want to invest in textiles for a playroom, but I knew the added texture would make the space feel warm + cozy, and like a true extension of our home rather than an afterthought. Like I mentioned – we spend A LOT of time in here, so it’s been worth it. I’ve been a long time fan of Pepper Home (as seen in our Guest Room), and have always loved their Loomi Moss print. Once I landed on the floor tiles, I knew Loomi Moss would be the perfect pairing. It’s subtle, yet just the right amount of color, and the addition of the Fern Velvet trim really makes them pop. We used these simple, black rods to hang them – so affordable, and so far they’ve been great! Planning to re-use these in baby boy no. 2’s nursery and can’t wait to give them new life around a whole new scheme!

Adding a touch of blue here and there just felt right. I can’t resist! This ticking stripe by The Inside was a great call and pulls from the specs of blue in the drapery. I love our sweet little reading nook and their Barrel Back Dining Chair was just the right fit for this small corner. We also have a couple of their pillows in coordinating fabric that we use as wall buffers around the room. Haha – boy mom life.

Custom Monograming

I love a good personalized item here and there, especially for kiddos. It adds a bit of personality and thoughtfulness that you won’t find anywhere else! Pepper Home recently introduced monogramming + personalization options for their custom pillows, which was all too fitting for this sweet playroom. We landed on this darling Loomi Moss print, piped in ‘Fern Velvet’ with ‘Moss’ lettering. The mix of pale green + blue really compliment the entire space perfectly.

Toy Storage

Every parents battles with toy storage, am I right? And what that looks like for you is totally dependent on the space. For example – if our Family Room, we have a long basket on the bottom shelf of our coffee table, along with two storage ottomans, which work perfectly for keeping all those fun play things hidden, yet accessible.

However, for our Color filled playroom I wanted some toys to be visible and easy to grab, so we opted for this open cubby unit (also available here) that still had a more traditional, aesthetically pleasing top, side + trim detailing I didn’t really see elsewhere. It’s definitely taken a beating with all the toys, but overall held up as expected. Paired with honey wicker baskets for some added hidden storage provides some great texture and warmth to the space.

Cute Cubes

Some of our Favorites

Like all kiddos, Clarke cycles through toys semi-frequently as he grows and develops, but here are a few items I’ve found he keeps coming back to after months and months!

Photos by Marni Rothschild Durlach


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