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Happy Friday dolls! As you may have seen via social, I’m currently in California heading up to Napa today for a belated bday celebration. I’m truly enjoying the fall weather and can’t wait to share the change of scenery/outfits with y’all next week! Until then, I wanted to share a fun project I’ve been working on at home…my guest bedroom, turned office.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous sharing my personal space on the site BUT I really do love decorating my home and wanted to share that aspect of myself. Even though we’ve been in our townhouse for about 2 yrs. now, I feel like the home projects never. end. There’s always something to do, change, and improve upon. With that being said, this space is certainly a work in progress {perfectionist here} and I still have a ton I’d love to complete…but I’ll be sharing the progress as it comes along and I’m SO proud of how far it’s come so far!

Organizing tipsI consider myself to be fairly organized {or at least more-so than your average person}, but when it came to this space I was completely overwhelmed: it was originally our guest bedroom, which then turned into room/office, which has now transitioned to LICP HQ {as I like to call it} with the expansion of the business. Crap was just lying everywhere and I had no solution what-so-ever on how to make the space more function…que in Neat Method – the organizing experts. The company is based in San Francisco, but rapidly expanding to other areas, including South Florida! I had the privilege of having Marissa over to LICP HQ for an afternoon of organizing and oh my goodness did it help transform the space! They literally do everything from consulting and surveying your space, to shopping for containers and organizing entire homes!

Tips Neat has taught me {& I swear they work}:
1. Measure everything. | definitely not something I would have done previously, but it’s such a timesaver when you measure your spaces like drawers and shelves prior to shopping.
2. Create a list. | make lists and prioritize what you need and where you’re going to find it.
3. Container Store…always. | because they literally have everything and anything you’ll need for keeping your space neat and tidy

PrintsGold Perfume Bottle + Custom ‘Gone With The Wind’ Saying: c/o I See Noise
Shoe Watercolor: c/o AEM Designs
‘LOVE’: Made by Girl
All other wall decor created by yours truly
FurnitureWhite Lacquer Desks {literally identical to West Elm version}
Damask Chairs: Cynthia Rowley via T.J.Maxx
Lamp + Shade + Rug via Target
Bookcase StylingWhite Storage Boxes | Stripe ‘Photo’ Boxes via Michael’s
Gold Leaf Plate, Bird {spray painted gold}, + Ampersand via Homegoods
Gold Votive Candle Holders {turned pencil holders} via Michael’s
White Candles c/o Archipelago
Lucite Office Accessories: tape | notepad | business card holder

Sooo…what do you think of the space?! I’m no professional here so I’d love your feedback and any creative ideas y’all have for this work in progress!

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LOVE your office!
Great tips!

The Style Storm
xo, Christina

Wish it stayed like that all of the time 😉

Omg I’m beyond obsessed with this space. Can you please come do mine?? I just finished graduate school and am staying with my parents til I’ve saved up some and made a dent in my student loans which means I’m back in my high school bedroom… and it’s not pretty! I want to do a really clean, light aesthetic, but I was afraid it would be boring. I LOVE your accent chairs, the prints wall, and how you did your bookshelves. I genuinely want to copy all of it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


I’m loving all the gold details! My office is still a work in progress but I’m definitely snagging I few ideas from you!

love this! and I love the shoes on top of the books -cool idea for a decoration.

I love your office space! All of it!

This is so calming and pretty! I would love working in this space but my small DC place doesn’t have the room! Love the neutral gallery wall!

Classy Chic & Chardonnay

I wish I had a space in my tiny apartment for a designated work space…this looks lovely!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

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