At the beginning of each new year, I think it’s easy to fall into the habit of making lists filled with what we think we need to do, what’s next or how to grow. But I think it’s equally important to reflect on the previous year. What were your goals then? How did you accomplish them? I’m happy I accomplished 6 of the 9 goals I set for myself last year! While it might not be a perfect record, I’m really the only one ‘keeping score’ here. And, in line with giving myself grace, I try to keep in mind – strive for progress, not perfection.

2019 was particularly challenging, on multiple fronts. And, if I’m being honest, not a year I’d like to re-visit. But, even through hardship there are always lessons we can takeaway, and joy to be found even in the darkest of days. I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. And discovered parts of me I didn’t know existed. I’ve challenged myself + others around me. I’ve evaluated friendships, let some go, opened the door to new ones, and been more intentional with whom I spend time with and invest in. I’ve become more content with what God has blessed me with, and hold those I love + feel supported by even closer to my heart.

Instead of putting forth 20 overwhelming goals that seem more like tasks then actual self improvement, here are twenty small things I’d like to work on in the new year! Having them down on paper helps me process my thoughts, along with holding me accountable. And while some of these are certainly minuscule in the grand scheme, no act is too small to make change.


  1. Get back to blogging at least 3x per week
  2. Not worry about my Instagram ‘feed’ as much
  3. Be better about pre-planning IG posts
  4. Share more try-ons + ootd shots with y’all
  5. Shoot one tablescape a month
  6. Continue growing #ENTERTAINbyK’s event side
  7. Map out Charleston for the blog
  8. Spearhead Sterling’s business’ marketing strategy
  9. Plan + execute Sterling’s business’ Presidents Club trip
  10. Go on a handful of press trips


  1. Shop less/more sustainably
  2. Drink more water
  3. Cut down on single plastic use
  4. Incorporate more plant-only based meals in the diet each week
  5. Make date night dinner at home once a month | this is something we used to do in college, and even though the food may have predominately been out of a can haha, that time was also so special
  6. Fill the house with more inspiring artwork
  7. Complete another flower workshop
  8. Celebrate birthdays with family in Colorado
  9. Continue exploring the South {like Montage Palmetto Bluff}
  10. Take a girls trip somewhere fun

There you have it! What about y’all? Any goals, aspirations or exciting plans in store for 2020?

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I love this! I want to take a girls trip this year too!

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