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A new year brings a slew of thoughts and emotions, for all of us. I love reflecting back on the past year: where I’ve been, what I’ve learned, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve let go of. But even moreso, how can I continue to grow. How can I strive to make a difference in other’s lives? How can I be a better version of myself? Writing down my thoughts on paper has always been therapeutic for me, and something I often do just for myself. Today I wanted to share 9 of those thoughts/goals for the new year. This will hold me more accountable than simply filling it away in my notes. And hopefully inspire some of you to do the same!


This is by far the one thing I’m most excited about for 2019. As many of you may know/remember, Sterling and I have been going back and forth between CHS and FL for over a year now. It’s not been easy. It’s not been fun. And it’s taken a toll. But I’m excited to say, come Feb/March of 2019 he’ll officially be moving HOME to Charleston full-time. We’ve both had to adjust to life/weeks on end ‘alone’ in either city, so as strange as it sounds after being together for over 12 years, being back together full-time
will be an adjustment for us both. One I’m anxiously anticipating!

We’re certainly hardest on ourselves. This is something I’ve struggled with since I was a little girl honestly. I put extreme amounts of pressure on myself to do everything, be everything – which I’ve learned is not sustainable or healthy. Giving myself some slack is something I’ll probably always struggle with, but being self aware is a huge step. I’m taking strides to remind myself I DON’T have to do it ALL. A little self compassion and acceptance goes a long way. I CAN relax and breathe {and heck – maybe not to anything for a day}, and that’s ok.

My job is to create content, which I absolutely LOVE, but when your job is taking photos of your outfits, travel escapes, entertaining, etc. I find myself often forgetting to snap ‘real life’ pics with friends + family along the way! I am proud of myself for living in the moment more this past year. Not being on my phone as much around others, not posting pics or snapping photos when I’m simply enjoying friends + family. But then I look back and kind of miss having those candid life captures. Want that to be more top of mind this year.

This will be my year for this, I just know it! Haha. Instant Pot to the rescue! The older I get the more inspired I am to take care of myself and am more aware of what I’m putting in my body. I 100% enjoy eating out, but I’ve found I equally enjoy a night in. While I don’t typically enjoy cooking, but I do enjoy the joy I see in my husband’s face when he learns I’m making dinner for him. It’s the little things. And I’m proud when something actually turns out good – like this NYE buffalo chicken dip!

No plans on what country this will be, but I think it’s only fitting for 2019 😉 We’re looking into options for Sterling’s 30th, but I feel like every year brings new travel opportunities I never plan on – which are just the best!    

I’ve been wanting to really sit down and map out a proper Charleston City Guide for y’all. Having lived here for almost 2 years now, I feel like it’s time. I’ve eaten, walked, shopped and experienced enough to put together a proper GUIDE, from a local perspective. I’m wanting this to be something that’s more interactive and a true resource for all of your visiting needs. As opposed to a standard, single read through post. Still tinkering with what exactly this will look like, but it’s a MAJOR priority for this year.

One of the main things I love about living in Charleston {aside from the weather, the people, the food, and a million other things} is the location. The proximity to the beach, the mountains and so many close-by states. SO much that’s drivable! Living in South Florida for so long, you really had to fly or drive 7+ hours just to get out of the state! I want to take advantage of our location this year and see more of the South. Savannah, Beaufort, Edisto are just a few on the list!

2018 was a real year of experimentation for me in both of these categories. And I found they truly helped me fall back in love with blogging and content creation. I love growing WITH you {my audience}, so it’s fun to share my small tips + tricks I’m learning as I go! Ya’ll seem to enjoy it as well, so that’s encouraging. It’s something I certainly want to continue dedicating time to in 2019. Along with exploring more avenues of growth/working with more brands in these categories.

Will this ever happen?! Haha. I’ve been at the IG game for over 6 years now, and it continues to inspire, frustrate and challenge me. I will say, these past 9 months or so, I’ve freed myself from the ‘chains’ of instagram. I’ve limited my time viewing stories and going down the IG rabbit hole. Along with cutting back on forcing myself to post ‘just because’. That said, hitting 100K followers {in an organic way} has been a goal for quite some time. Hopefully 2019 is the year this happens.

What are some of your goals for the new year?! Would love to hear them if you care to share!

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I know this is an older post, but I saw you were wanting to explore the south a bit more. I am from Eastern NC and lived in Beaufort for three years. They have the best local restaurants there! low country produce makes the best breakfast, palm and moon have the best bagels, red rooster cafe has an amzing fried green tomato BLT and you can not go wrong with any restaurant downtown. There is an amazing farmers market on saturdays in front of the naval hospital. i have yet to find a farmers market that tops it! The antique stores are awesome. and you have got to visit hunting island at least once. Beaufort may be small, but it has so much heart and so much to offer. I live in San Diego now and miss the slow pace of beaufort living every day! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures this year.

    Hi Alexis – thank you SO much for these recommendations!! Beaufort is definitely on my must-visit list either this year or next! xx – K

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