Festive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the OfficeFestive Touches for the Office

‘Tis the season to deck the halls of our homes; from powder rooms to living rooms, and let’s not forget the office! If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in your home office, so why not jazz it up with some festive touches around this time of year? Today, I’m partnering with Scotties Facial Tissue to share a few of my tips with you to make yours a festive office as well:

TIP #1 | Practicality + Function 

While most festive office decor is not what I would consider functional, there are a few things you can scoop up that will assist in that arena. One such product being Scotties Facial Tissue. We all have the need for tissue {in every room if you’re in my home}, so why not let it blend in/be part of your decor?! Scotties has done a great job over the years, curating boxes that are cute + functional. Something I think most women can appreciate. Their holiday collection can be seen on my desk, as well as a cardinal adorned box on the bookshelf. Although I love driftwood and agate styles they’ve created for year round. 

Other functional products you can include in your festive office, are holiday scented candles + hand soap {if you have a connecting bathroom}. Changing up scents around my home is actually my favorite way to shift season to season. In spring/summer I stick to clean citrus notes, fall shifts to a little muskier/warmer, and holiday tends to be classic basal tree.

TIP #2 | Switch Up Your Colors

Shifting colors around during Christmas time shouldn’t come as a ground breaking tip. However, I mention it because this year I specifically decided to work more with the decor and coloring I already had in place in each room. Rather then coming in and full on re-decorating everything. It proved to be much less time consuming, and almost more enjoyable after the fact. I left the majority of our ginger jars in tact, and simply added greenery and red berries/poinsettias around them for a festive touch. Even if you’re simply adding a tiny mini tree and dish of candy to your desk – the holiday spirit will fill our space as you work – that I can promise you. 

TIP #3 | Keep It Simple

No one expects you to go overboard for a festive office. After all, if it’s in your home, how many people really see the space besides you? Granted that number may be a bit different if you’re in a 9-5 office. Regardless of who’s viewing the space, just like any other part of your home – you should design for YOU. I shifted some pieces around on my bookshelves to make room for the hanging wreaths, but even adding in a few pops of red would have been beautiful. Keep it simple, but make it your own festive office. 

photos by Julie Livingston Photography 

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White Writers Desk | Navy Slub Chair | ASOS Blue Sweater worn | Lauren Haskell White + French Blue Ginger Jars c/o | Mini Tree Ginger Jar Pot | similar Wedgwood Mini Vase | Scotties Facial Tissue c/o | similar Mini Wreaths 

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