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Beige + Grey Decor5Grey Couch | Foxtail Candle c/o | Floor Decor c/o STAINMASTER® Signature Squares™ | Golden Table Diamonds | Floor Lamp | Leaf Shaped Tables
space c/o my amazing photog’s studio

Tile, wood planks, carpet, rugs ­ we all have them in our homes, and sometimeshave a hard time deciding what to go with. I know I struggle with it! So many decisions, and they all seem so final. So when I discovered STAINMASTER® Signature Squares™, it was the perfect alternative: floor decor that give you freedom + options.

I received a few different color palette options to play around with, but ultimatelyended up going with the neutral ‘candlelight’ hue in ‘eastern vibe’ + ‘barefoot’. Ipositioned my squares in a checker board pattern, which not only fits perfectlywith the minimalist, cozy décor {fully styled by yours truly}, but also adds dimension to the floor + overall room concept. Another amazing bonus ­ thearrangement options are pretty vast, so you can rearrange the shape, size, style + patterns whenever you’re up for a change!

So go ahead and break the rules and create the perfect rug for your space with STAINMASTER® Signature Squares™.

photos by Luccia Lowenthal

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Thanks for sharing us such a great post!

Love this! Can you post your glasses?

Serioulsy in love with the fresh and clean look of this. My house is also grey and I love coming home to it every day! I wish my house was 100% windows… the natural lighting is so refeshing! Beautiful photos by the way! I have a Canon T1i and a 50 mm lens but I am still trying to figure out just the right settings!

Bri | Brianna Sullivan

Love your style,perfect look on you

Such a beautiful space! I love the idea of rug squares.



Pretty I love the rug squares!!
Abbie E.

Your little living room is so pretty! Love the neutral palette!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

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