May 2023 Update – since the closure of my original post partner, Bed, Bath + Beyond – all links have been updated to current findings.

Wasted space, no longer! 3 years after moving into our downtown home, we finally have a usable Charleston screened in porch. Hooray!! As I’m sure many of your can relate to, home projects just take so long to tackle. We’ve been slowly making our way from room to room, and have made SO many wonderful additions to this house. But, ya know, there’s always room for improvement. This latest one is by far my favorite yet. This small porch off our master bedroom has just been sitting empty, as we dedicated time and resources to other projects {i.e. our back courtyard, front yard landscaping, new light fixtures, etc}. But my main goal was to maximize the space, without it feeling cluttered, and make it functional.

Thanks to my dear friends at Bed, Bath & Beyond, they outfitted the entire porch for us! I’m so grateful for their continued support + could not be more thrilled with how it came together. The color palette is so warm and inviting, making it my new little outdoor retreat. My number one objective for this space was finding the perfect deep-seat couch to tuck into one side of the porch. By placing the couch to one end of the long rectangular shape {as opposed to the center, against the house}, it really opened up the space and allowed for other pieces to come in without feeling cluttered. The Bed, Bath & Beyond site can be a tad overwhelming at times – they truly have a PLETHORA of items available online. But, utilizing their filters helped me narrow down specific aspects of pieces I was looking for.

Screened in Porch Charleston
Screened in Porch Furniture
Charleston Screened In Porch
Charleston Screened In Porch

I have to say, I’m really impressed and happy with the quality of all the pieces we choose! Again, ALL originally from Bed, Bath & Beyond – but since updated to other retailers that offer the same brand/styles so they’re still stoppable. I get it, ordering furniture online, without seeing tones or feeling fabrics can be tricky. So in full transparency, I wanted to share a comprehensive review/break down of each major furniture item for y’all. 

Everything I was looking for in a sofa for this space. Love the deep-seat, it’s comfy yet practical with water resistant Sunbrella fabric. Super easy to assemble, minus the fact that we had to shimmy it into the corner haha {Sterling had a blast with that one}.

Could not be happier with our rug. We went with the ‘sea mist’ and it’s exactly what I was looking for – a soft, almost sage-esk green that’s very calming. Love the delicate diamond detail. It dries quickly after rainfall and has been easy to clean! I vacuum a couple times a week to try and keep pollen at bay. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic price point. Sadly, not longer available but linked similar styles!

I was a little nervous about this pick. I feel like chairs can look or feel cheap real fast. These are neither! Came fully assembled and sturdier then I imagined. They’re stackable, which is a great space saver for storing. Amazing quality, and I love how they compliment the teak in the sofa, but adding texture to the design.

Admittedly this is NOT an official outdoor item. However, given the insanely good price point, and that it’s in an inclosed covered porch, we’re taking our chances. The size and added texture is just too good. If it only last 2 seasons, I’ll be happy. Cost per use, people! Worth it.

Fresh greenery, florals + plants spruce up any space. So this was a must when it came to designing and styling this little outdoor nook. I didn’t want to crowd it with too many plants {kind of a pet peeve of mine when porches are overflowing with plants}, so we designated this little corned area for all things green. I adore the soft white in this iron bench, and how the terra cotta + green pops off it.

Tip when choosing plants for your space – understand how much sun the area gets during the day. It is 3-6 hours {give or take} or full sun all day? Also consider if the area receives morning or afternoon sun. These are small details that will help you pick plants that will stay alive! Coming from someone who’s killed a lot of plants in the past, this is something I’ve learned to pay attention to haha.

Another aspect of gardening I’ve come to enjoy is not taking a pot at face value. For example, I came across this precious embossed daisy planter on one of our recent hardware store trips. Loved the shape + details, but hated the color. Insert my new weekend bff – spray paint. Any pot can be altered, so pick planters you love and that suit your space size wise! Variety makes for a more interesting + beautiful garden, even if it is a small screened in porch.

Charleston Screened In Porch
Charleston Screened In Porch

For those of you who are local and may be looking to get yourself a Charleston screened in porch, we used Screen Mobile. Would highly recommend! They were communicative, professional and knocked out the project in two days. Keep in mind, they do get quite busy {especially in the spring/summer months}, so expected a 2+ week wait for install after they do a site visit for a quote.

So what do y’all think?! I know we would love having this space, but I didn’t realize HOW much we’d use it. I’m soaking up every single beautiful weather day I can out there!

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Hello do you have an updated link for your patio BED, BATH & BEYOND: DEEP-SEAT LOVE SEAT? Ty!

    Yes, just updated this post in it’s entirety given the recent closure of BB&B. Thank you for giving me a heads up on that!

Loving this couch! Can you tell me how it’s holding up and what the size deminsions are? BB&B doesn’t list the size online but if it would fit it would be perfect for my balcony porch!

I really love your taste! Could you provide the color of the siding?

    Thank you so much!! Sadly I’m not sure. It was already painted this color when we purchased the home.

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