Caldrea Holiday 2012 Giveaway
Caldrea Crimson Pear Ginger

Caldrea Balsam Fir Plum

Caldrea Vanilla Quince SantalPhotos c/o Caldrea

Happy Friday loves!
I don’t know about you, but when the Holidays roll around I want my home to smell just as festive as my decorations look.
In an attempt to say THANK YOU & give back to my wonderful readers – I’ve organized giveaways that are not solely fashion based, but also dabble into other lifestyle elements I truly enjoy but may just not showcase as often. Home decor/products being one such category, so I’m super excited to have partnered with Caldrea for today’s giveaway! Their Aromatherapeutic Homekeeping products are just amazing: from dish soap to candles, paired with luxurious {and somewhat exotic} fragrances – not to mention their product package is something in and of itself to love!

will receive a sampling of 2 products from Caldrea’s 2012 Holiday Collection featuring:
Crimson Pear Ginger // Balsam Fir Plum  // Vanilla Quince Santal

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– Chosen via && the lucky winners are: Kathy Cavanagh Dalton, Jamie Jackson Clark, Jessica Poston, Liberty Boblett, Ashley Elaine, Thomas Pinkerton, Valerie Smith, Leslie Dalton, and David Chambless –
I will contact each winner via email for shipping info – if I do not hear back within 3 days another winner may be chosen.

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Oh la la Caldera has great stuff!

I would love to try the Sea Salt Neroli! Thanks so much!

I would love to try Vanilla Quince Santal

I think the Balsam Fir Plum

I’d try the Sea Salt Neroli.

I would love to try the Crimson Pear Ginger!
Thank You So Much for the chance

The ginger pear sounds yummy!

I would like to try lavender pine

crimson Pear Giinger

I’d like to try the Balsam fir plum scent:)

Sweet Pea

Lavender Pine sounds amazing!!

I would love to try Vanilla Quince Santal

basalm fir plum!

I wouold love to try Basil Blue Sage

[email protected]

Definitely Balsam Fir – I love evergreen scents! Anne Sweden

I’d love the sweet pea! Thanks for the giveaway!

I’d like to try the vanilla quince!

Palmarosa Wild Mint sounds nice.

I like the Vanilla Quince Santal.

Crimson Pear Ginger

mandarin vetiver♥

I’d love to try the Mandarin Vetiver 🙂

Basil blue safe sounds to die for!

I’d like to try the mandarin vetiver

I would like Vanilla Quince Santal

Sea Salt Neroli

Lavender Pine

I’d like to try the Sweet Pea

definitely sweet pea!

Palmerosa Wild Mint sounds superb!

I liked the Balsam Fir Plum!!Sounds interesting.

Any with ginger!

Oooh I would love to try the ginger pomelo scent!

I would love to try BALSAM FIR PLUM because it sounds like it would have cool,clean scent and I love fresh scents.

ginger pomello sounds too good to be true, and I would love to try it

I would love to try the lavender pine and the sweet pea.

I would love to try out the Balsam Fir Plum scent!

I’m torn between sweet pea and mandarin vetiver.

Ginger Pomelo, or Crimson Pear Ginger – YUMMY!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance, Happy Holidays!!!

sweet pea sounds great!

they all sound so wonderful!!! but i would try basil blue sage

The lavender pine sounds good!

Crimson pear ginger

Mandarin Vetiver Glass Hand Soap would be great to try

I’d love to try the basil blue sage scent!!!

lavender pine sounds amazing!

lavender pine Thanks for the givveaway!

vanilla quince santal

i like balsam fir plum

Balsam Fir Plum! Smells like the holidays!

Vanilla Quince Santal —- I love vanilla anything! =D

I would love to try the crimson pear ginger 🙂 Sounds so exotic!

Mandarin Vetiver sounds great! thanks!

sweet pea

I would love to try ginger pomelo! [email protected]

I would say Sweet Pea love that scent indeed thanks

Vanilla Quince Santal

I use the Palmarosa Wild Mint Sport wash and LOVE it, but I’d also like to try Balsam Fir Plum.

Vanilla Quince Santal sounds delicious!

They all sound great. Winning any set would be nice.

Thanks again for another great giveaway! 🙂 I’d love to try the Lavender Pine. That sounds amazing.

Julie L.

I would love to try the palmarosa wild mint!

Crimson pear ginger

I love the variety of your giveaway series — so thoughtful! Balsam Fir Plum please!

I would love to try the vanilla

i would love to try crimson pear ginger!

I would love to try the vanilla quince santal! Love vanilla!

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