It’s clear I’m no stranger to color, but orange is not a tone I typically gravitate to. Granted, I have been known to sport creamsicle; a la a couple summers ago on my favorite street in Charleston. However, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of this happy hue in home decor, beauty and fashion, and am surprisingly loving it! Right now, I’m embracing anything that brings joy. So, say hello to my current color crush – orange!

Everything from flouncey dresses {like this little Target number I’m wearing – sadly sold out!} + flowy skirts, to textured placemats + printed linens. My current color crush orange is happening all around us! Granted, I know this is a vibrant hue that not everyone feels they can pull off. I’m a big believer in understanding what works best for you and your skin tone, so I fully understand this may be an intimidating one in the clothing department. But just because you’re not into wearing this hue, it could be fun to add pops of orange around your home or office space. It really is such a happy color, and when done well, can be incredibly chic. Just take a look at Paula Rallis’ stunning, out of magazine {quite literally} Charleston home. By far my favorite example of how unexpected, yet perfectly suited, orange can be.

Staying in-line with the COLOR theme around here, how do y’all feel about a new ‘COLOR CRUSH’ series?! Sort of a spin off from my ongoing Trending Tuesday series, but solely color specific. Think it would be a fun way to continue sharing on-trend items {across all categories} of a certain hue I’m loving at the moment. Maybe once a month? Bi-weekly? I’ll give that some thought, but in the meantime, let me know if you’re currently all heart eyes for a specific color. Would love to keep suggestions on hand as I’m sourcing items to share with y’all!

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Color Crush Orange

photos by Marni Rothschild Durlach

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Orange is a highly contested color in South Carolina, as I am sure you’re learning! I don’t wear anything oranger than a tomato red usually, LOL

I like the idea of a monthly color theme. Cobalt and emerald are my favorites when it comes to clothing.

Happy Wednesday

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