What is a Grandmillennial?

From the start of the post, you may be asking yourself – what on earth is a Grandmillennial?! You’re not alone my friend, I’ve asked myself that very same question. House Beautiful wrote the perfect collection of thoughts on what defines the Grandmillennial, who she is and what she’s inspired by:

Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s, grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be “stuffy” or “outdated” — Maybe you’ve even caught a glimpse of her, sitting on a garden bench in Sag Harbor or Charleston, somehow fresh-faced despite the fact that it’s 89 degrees outside and she’s wearing a long-sleeved, floral maxi dress.

That last part makes me giggle {guilty as charged over here}. Although I haven’t dabbled in the needlepoint pond yet {never say never}, I feel like I fit a lot of these ‘grandmillennial’ tendencies. I LOVE expressing personality through color + design. I’ve never once {not ONCE} had a white bedroom in my life. I love all things sentimental and what some might consider useless hand-me-downs, I find make for wonderful memories + decor. Que bookcase styling trinkets or a china plate wall! And don’t get me started on chinoiserie. Love it, need it. Period. Does all that make me a Grandmillennial? Possibly, maybe, yes.

Tabletop Brands for Grandmillennial

Colorful Spring Tabletop Spread

Chinoiserie Inspired Colorful Spring Tabletop Spread

Tabletop Brands for Grandmillennial

As One King’s Lane would say:

Perhaps the best thing about grandmillennial style is that it’s approachable. It’s rooted in the warmth you felt in your grandmother’s home. It’s extra ruffles because the grandmillennials lived through the age of #YOLO and took it to heart.

Spring Tabletop Spread | Coral + Pink

Spring Tabletop Spread | Coral + Pink

Tabletop Brands for the Grandmillennial

Woven Placemat + Coral Patterned Linen Tablecloth

Spring Tabletop Spread | Coral + Pink

I approach entertaining, similarly to how I dress. Colorful, comfortable + fun! Entertaining doesn’t have to fit a specific ‘mold’. As long as you look at your spread, and it makes you happy – that’s really all that matters. You don’t need to fill a table solely with heirloom china, or new arrivals from CB2. The best spreads are thoughtfully layered throughout, piecing together the old + new to make something that’s original, unique, and most importantly, feels like YOU. But for the sake of today’s post, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tabletop brands for the grandmillennial that provide me with endless inspiration.

Tabletop brands for the Grandmillennial

I’m a firm believer in your entertaining style being ever changing and evolving. That’s just natural as you enter different phases of life: young adult, newlywed, mother, grandmother, etc. Layering in those heirloom pieces with new, minimalistic, modern elements is currently my favorite. Which may transition yet again once I have little ones in the house – i.e. leaning toward more paper plates and less china haha. But more is more when it comes to true grandmillennial tablescapes, and these are a few brands that do it best.

Amanda Lindroth

One of my all time favorites. Amanda’s designs will transport you to the islands in a heartbeat. Collections full of delicate patterns and scalloped edges, I love the playfulness throughout her pieces! I designed my best friend’s bridal shower around this darling orange coral print, and just loved how I was able to pull elements from the AL collection, paired with boho pieces to fit the bride. In addition to tabletop goodies, she also recently launched bedding + furniture. I adore mixing her rattan + woven pieces into my tables for added texture. 

Land of Belle

Offering a stunning collection of unique glassware, linens and curated tabletop collections, Land of Belle is a one stop shop for all your entertaining needs. Their brick and mortar storefront in New York is like diving into a treasure chest of goodness! Price points are a bit higher, but when you’re looking for something truly special to stand the test of time, Land of Belle has just that. I just love the mix of colors + textures they offer. Have had my eye on a set of LagunaB glassware for quite some time. Maybe Christmas wish list?! 

India Amory

The queen of affordable, modern luxury block print. Julia Amory’s eye for beautiful color palettes stepped from her desire to find printed linens for her wedding. Unable to do so, she decided to take inspiration from the traditional Indian block print technique and producer her own! From there, the brand as expanded to tablecloths, napkins, dresses and even robes. I own several of her tablecloths and napkins sets, which also make for wonderful gifts! India Amory Block Print Linens


A few years back, while visiting my best friend in Winter Park, FL, we were strolling Park Avenue and came across this darling boutique. Sadly, I’m forgetting the name right now. But found local brand Lettermade! I just love her modern take on cocktail napkins. There’s something so incredibly classic about a white hemstitch cocktail napkin, but Lettermade makes them more current with witty current trends. Her designs include embroidered figures of famous icons like Anna Wintour and Oprah, along with clever sayings and old wold botanicals. Lettermade Napkins


I discovered Zojora at Cutterbook Shop on our trip to The Cotswolds, and was taken by her choice of prints + piping. She uses a bit of a lighter weight fabric, which is perfect for southern summers spent outdoors. 

photos by Julie Livingston Photography 
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