Summer Brunch with PerrierSummer Brunch with PerrierSummer Brunch with PerrierSummer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with PerrierSummer Brunch with PerrierSummer Brunch with Perrier Summer Brunch with PerrierThis is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Perrier®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Summer is officially upon us, for which I have mixed emotions if I’m being honest. The Charleston humidity is just brutal during this time of year, but I’ve decided the fact that everyone {including myself} is excited about summer festivities outweighs the weather conditions. I think we all just grin and bear it, haha, and only wear clothing that’s light, breezy and breathable {key – breathable}.

Last week I had the best afternoon with a few girlfriends out at the new Kiawah River property for a summer brunch with Perrier®! If you’re not familiar, it’s just stunning. Lush vegetation, blooming flowers, stunning Spanish moss, overgrown oak trees, riverside, ah – it’s just serene. The area is still under elopement with some big plans in store! Including a wedding venue, chapel, swim club and private residences. This was my second time on property, and I truly enjoy it so much. Even the critters don’t bother me too much when I’m out there. Sort of, ha. I say that while I remember running away from a gigantic wasp half the afternoon. But it really is a special place, and one I’m excited to continue visiting as the development progresses.


  • Hydrate your guests with lots and lots of Perrier® – currently on sale via Publix summer savings! Stock up while you can! The ladies and I opted for the grapefruit flavor {found in the water isle} this time around, but the lime is another personal favorite of mine. Perrier® is so light and refreshing, it will pair perfectly with any of your outdoor entertaining needs while adding a bit of extraordinary to your spread. I love their carbonated mineral water poured straight on ice, but adding a bit of garnish can be fun as well! Think citrus or frozen berries when garnishing.
  • Make sure your guests are aware that you’ll be hosting them outdoors. It’s not necessary to specify an exact dress code, but giving them the heads up you’ll be dining outside in natural elements will allow them to be prepared. I know I dress totally different when I’m attending an indoor luncheon vs. an outdoor occasion {especially in the summer}.
  • When selecting the location of your summer brunch or evening fete, think of air flow options. Your guest will love an al fresco ambiance, but they’re love you even more if you have a fan or choose a location with a breeze or easy air flow.
  • Keep things simple with family style for your summer entertaining! I love the communal feel of family style, it gets your guests interacting more with one another. Family style dining also open the door to potluck side dishes your guests might want to bring for the group.
  • Have bug spray on hand. I can’t stress this enough, especially in the south.


All ingredients were picked up at Publix – check out their current deals for summer grilling + entertaining! They have a great selection of deals on a variety of items perfect for summertime meals, including plastic baggies {perfect for the beach or outdoor picnics}, burgers and sausages {for grilling on the 4th!}, and of course Perrier® {perfect for ALL your summer activities}.

Exact recipes from this summer brunch with Perrier® linked via below Strawberry Banke – she nailed it with this menu I helped conceptualize! I wanted the food to be light and nutritious {no one likes eating a hot and heavy meal outside in the summertime}, but still tasty. Something to keep in mind, is try and stick with ingredients that would hold up well in the heat and humidity. Grilling parts {or all} of your menu with the help of Publix savings is a great way to go! While we all love a good cheese board, that’s not the best for balmy summer afternoons, as the cheese will sweat and loose it’s texture more quickly.

  • Avocado Toast | individual grilled toast, topped with fresh avocado spread, a dash of pepper + fresh radish slices
  • Grilled Peach, Caprese Salad | grilled peaches, fresh mozzarella and basil
  • Citrus + Fennel Salad | fresh arugula base, top with fennel and slices of
  • Nut Butter + Strawberry Toast | whole grain slices of bread cut into fours, topped with nut butter {pick your fancy – peanut, almond or cashew}, and fresh berries. Add a dash of granola and honey for a little extra jazz!

photos by Mary Beth Creates 



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Stunning setting and the food looks so yummy!!

Lovely design concept! The decor is light and refreshing.

Happy Tuesday

This all looks like heaven, i’ll be right over (after i save everything on pinterest!) just stunning

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