First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, ColoradoFirst Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado First Time Visitors Review of Telluride, Colorado
Post-Christmas with my family in Colorado Springs, Sterling and I decided to take some time for just the two of us and drove through the mountains to Telluride for a few days. We’d heard so much about the quaint ski town for years, and were thrilled when timing worked out for us this trip. Even if there wasn’t much fresh snow on the slopes, it was wonderful to just relax for a few days. Here’s my first time in Telluride review of the area + recommendations if you’re a first timer like me!


  • When you’re researching where to stay for your first time in Telluride, you’ll notice two main housing areas: Mountain Village + Telluride {or historic Telluride, downtown Telluride}. I can’t encourage you enough to stay in Telluride. There’s so much more character in the city, and most ‘locals’ or visitors that frequent year after year will say the same. Telluride is where all the main/top restraunts are, it’s also super easy access to the gondola over to Mountain Village.
  • We booked a suite at Ice House for our visit and loved it. The location could not be more perfect. A block from the main gondola over to Mountain Village, two blocks from the main street with all the restaurants, separate bedroom from living/dining/kitchen, small kitchen in all rooms + complimentary, locally made donuts every morning. It’s also one of the few hotels in town that offers king size beds – something I actually keep in mind what hotel shopping these days haha {personal space problems}. The staff is also super friendly and helpful with reservations, rentals, slope reviews, etc. What more could you ask for!?


  • La Marmotte | This was probably my favorite dining experience of the trip. La Marmotte is the cutest little cabin right in the middle of town. Lined with soft glowing lights on the outside, filled with warmth, amazing wine selection and even better French food. It’s just divine. We found it a little more affordable then the famed Sheridan Chop House, along with a cozier more romantic vibe. I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.
  • Chop House Restaurant | Probably the most well known and respected restaurant in town, and all for good reason. Sadly, I didn’t follow my own advice regarding making reservations in advance, so we went to Chop House right at 5PM {as advised by the hostess} and snagged a seat at the bar. Their french onion soup is un-believable. And even sitting at the bar, you feel a sense of community at this spot that includes locals + visitors a like. It’s certainly on the ‘fancier’ side, but still mountain attire appropriate.
  • Smuggler’s Brewhouse | Great, upscale bar food. Perfect spot for a post-slope drink when you’re not in the mood to get fully dolled up. And y’all know I cannot resist a good ‘ol fashioned tater tot side!
  • Bon Vivant | Straight from the slopes, Bon Vivant is the cutest little mountainside oasis. It’s a small space, so they do get on a waitlist pretty quickly. Great wine selection, food is delicious but on the heavier side, and of course a bit over-priced, but hey – you’re paying for a killer view and the convenience.


  • Telluride can be a little tricky to access in the winter months when snow piles up on the roads. I’d recommend flying in/out of the nearby Montrose airport if you can. The hike to Denver can be tough, or impossible, if roads are blocked.
  • Telluride houses the only FREE gondola in the US! It runs between Mountain Village and Telluride all day, where you can catch a ride whether you’re skiing of not. It’s also a great vantage point of the sunset.
  • Make reservations in advance and everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. It’s a very reservation heavy town, if you don’t have one, there’s a high probability you won’t make it to the table. There’s always the option of sitting at the bar if there’s just 2-3 of you, but larger groups definitely need to give advanced notice. Remember most people plan ski trips a year to 6 months in advance, so figuring out your game place ahead of time is key.
  • The grocery in town is, not surprisingly, crazy over priced. I’d suggest making a pitstop at Walmart on your way into town to pick up some essentials.
  • There’s never any need to get super dressed up in Telluride. This isn’t Aspen or Vail, where it’s more of a see and bee seen community. Most people are there to actually ski good slopes and eat good food. Jeans are totally ok everywhere. No heels necessary {they’re tough in snow anyhow}.
  • Don’t get a rental car! We were driving from Colorado Springs, so a rental car was necessary, although I wouldn’t recommend it. The town is super walkable! If you’re flying in/out of Montrose there are multiple, affordable shuttle services that will bring you directly to Telluride.



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