marc-fisher-pointed-flats blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go blogger-tips-for-working-on-the-go

We all travel, + more likely than not, most of us take work along for the ride. Since this is the ‘Blogger to Blogger’ series {it’s BACKKKK…sorry it’s been a while!}, I wanted to share some of my experiences/tips while working on-the-go {the blogger’s life for sure – no sure thing as a ‘vacation’}. Starting with the Dell XPS 13! I’ve been an avid Apple user for years, so when Dell wanted to send me their latest and greatest 13″ model, I was a little skeptical. But I thought it would be a true, honest comparison from someone who’s heavily entrenched with Apple products. They’re calling it the ‘category killer’, so let’s see…after using this new laptop for about a month straight, the jury is in.

A little bit of the nitty-gritty for you tech lovers: the Dell XPS 13 is equipped with a 5th generation Intel core processor, quad HG+ display with 5.7 million pixels, infinity display {first of its’ kind} + is light as a flitter at about 2.6 lbs. Battery life on this little baby is incredible…literally 10-12 hours with normal use. May be less if you’re streaming, etc. but for just everyday use {emails, web browsing, docs, etc.} it’s amazing. The touch-screen capabilities took a little bit of some getting used to, but once I got over the mental block that I could actual touch the screen, it was smooth sailing {and somehow the screen doesn’t collect a ton of finger prints…magical}. I also love that the keyboard is comfortable + quiet; quiet being key while I’m on a plane or surrounded by others. Overall, great experience with the XPS 13! I can’t say I’ll switch everything over to this Dell, but I will certainly continue using it for travel – the weight + battery life alone won me over.

Black Denim | Express White Tee c/o | identical White + Black Fedora | Dell XPS 13 c/o | Sunnies | Marc Fisher LTD Flats c/o | similar Black Shopper Handbag
photos by Luccia Lowenthal

Piggy-backing off the conclusion of my two-week trip to Texas, most of which was a work trip, I decided to put together a few tips for working on-the-go from {my} a blogger’s point of view. Hopefully it will help/inspire a few of you as well!

STAY ORGANIZED | Whenever I travel I always have a system to keep everything organized: receipts in an envelope or specific pocket in my suitcase. And same thing with business cards. If you’re working on-the-go, attending events, networking, etc. you’ll start collecting little scraps of paper in all your purses. Drives me crazy. Cleaning out these items at the end of each day will help keep things organized, and make it easier for you to find them for reference later on.

FOLLOW-UP | Sometimes this can be tough when you’re traveling non-stop, but it’s SO important. If you connect with someone you hope to work with in the future, shoot them a quick ‘hi, nice to meet you email’ as soon as you can. Could even be that same evening! I’ve had people email me while they’re still standing in front of me, haha, but it works! Then you have an online conversation/dialog started with that person, and can begin brainstorming ideas.

STAY JUICED; ALL DAY-EVERYDAY | As a blogger, your access to technology is key for doing what you do! Don’t leave your house/hotel without at least two external chargers + a cable for your phone. Having a camera backup battery is a good idea as well, if you’ll be snapping a lot. A blogger who’s phone is dead? Not a good look.

PRIORITIZE | You’re traveling, you’re meeting people, you’re networking your butt off, you’re sight seeing – the list goes on + on for a working gal on-the-go. Prioritizing all of these things, and realizing you just can’t do it all will 100% help your sanity. Determine what your objectives are while traveling/working on-the-go {is it to create great content, meet people, network, learn, etc.}, then establish the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to each of those goals. Maybe you really want to attend an event to meet someone on a panel, but you also want to go to an intimate industry dinner – which to choose? It’s all based on your personal priorities: learning vs. networking in this case. Think about the bigger picture {the long run}, and that will help you determine where to delegate your time/energy.

REST UP | I’ll admit, I often don’t follow this advice, and I should. I know it seems like common sense, but working on-the-go takes its toll, so it’s important to re-fuel your body and get some freakin’ sleep. Whenever I make a conscious effort {even if I’m missing out on a cocktail party} to get at least 7 hours of sleep {as opposed to 3-5, ugh}, I feel so much more energized + ready to take on the next day. It makes a world of difference, I promise.

STAY ON YOUR TOES | No Business Card? No problem! How many times are you out meeting people + someone says they don’t have a business card on them? Don’t let that be their excuse. Open your ‘notes’ section on your phone + ask them to type in their contact info! Be sure to label it with the company, etc. so you don’t forget who that info belongs to later. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake all too many times. You can do the same for yourself as well! If you forgot your cards {or ran out, go you!} than offer to put your info in their phone.

Have any other working on-the-go tips to share?! Would love to hear in the comments below!

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Seriously loving these blogger to blogger tips! They are incredibly helpful, but only if we put them into action! And man, totally digging your style! I want what’s in your closet

Great advice, I could definitely put the “empty your purse out every night” rule into effect asap!

Thanks for the review. Love your pictures!

These are great tips & thanks for sharing the info about your new laptop…I’m shopping around for something for business, blogging, and school stuff & I’m between a new dell or a MacBook!

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista

great tips for being on the go! in love with those shoes and so happy your blogger-to-blogger series is back 🙂


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