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Last weekend, Sterling + I jetted up to Nashville for a quick weekend rendezvous {he’s been back in FL for a couple weeks}, along with my Mother-In-Law and her husband. It was my first time visiting ‘The Music City’, and while we didn’t plan too much in advance, ya’ll gave us so many great suggestions that made the trip amazing! I wanted to share, not necessarily everything we did, but my favorite parts/highlights of the trip.

Listening Room Cafe for a ‘Writers Round’ was probably my favorite part of the entire trip! We love country music, but Broadway was a bit much, so I really wanted to find a smaller venue that still showcased amazing talent {which isn’t hard to find in Nashville}. I originally wanted to get tickets at Blue Bird Cafe, but they sell out within minutes, so my uber driver actually recommended Listening Room Cafe as a similar option. I did some research, and thought it looked like a great night out for the fam. I will say, we opted to eat dinner there along with the show, which I wouldn’t do again. Drinks + appetizers/nibbles only if I went back.

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Sunday Brunch at Henrietta Red was my DREAM brunch. And yes, we went HAM. We started off with powdered donuts holes + lavender citrus infused honey {omg, I can still taste them and their gooey glory}, baked egg + huevos rancheros. The menu definitely doesn’t disappoint, and neither does the ambiance. NOTE: if you can’t get a reservation, they have ample self-serve seating in the front room + at the bar!

Vintage Shopping at Bits & Pieces. I love a good vintage find. I’ve always been a sentimental person {hanging on to special momentous from times long ago}, but especially since moving to Charleston, I’ve fallen more in love with the thrill of a good vintage find. The vintage shops in Nashville did seem to be a bit pricer then my Charleston favorites, but I did score some amazing brass reindeer just in time for Christmas!

Coffee/Tea stop at Barista Parlor. I’m not a coffee drinker, but love a good chai kick-me-up. I love trying chai at new places, but the Barista Parlor threw me for a loop – no chai. Instead, the baristo {is that a thing?} recommended their house Indian Blend Tea. He said it’s deep, rich flavors were similar to chai with a twist. He even got Sterling to try it, and we both LOVED the blend.

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Mitchell Deli for a light lunch. Recommended to us by a friend prior to the trip, which ended up being perfect since we were staying in East Nashville. Mitchell Deli is more of a locals spot, with unique + classic sandwiches. So so yummy.

A night out on Broadway – I didn’t exactly have expectations for Broadway, but WOAH…it was a lot. Every single place was crazy packed, tons of people, mediocre food, you get the idea. The crowd also skews really young. And maybe we got that sense because we were also with my in-laws. Nevertheless, it was still a fun night out! Now I have that feeling of ‘been there, done that’. Our favorite spot on Broadway was Nudies. It wasn’t so packed {the 3 floors help space people out}, and still had a great music scene happening.

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Ahh, nashville is actually one of my most favorite places in the world. we tend to stick to areas like the gulch and twelve south and like you, go down to broadway maybe once or twice during the trip at night. Our favorite bars on broadway are The George jones & acme-they’re both a little bit more mature & less crowded. And the food at acme is amazing 😉

xoxo, SS

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