LA Palm TreesCommissary Restaurant | The Line Hotel LAAlcove Cafe_LAKIA Sorento | DriveSTI ExperianceLA HighwayHollywood Sign ParkCommissary Cocktails | The Line Hotel LACommissary Restaurant | The Line Hotel LALA Line Hotel BoutiqueStumptown Coffee LAZinque LAHues of GreyLA Palm TreesI’m officially home from my travels aboard {yippeee!}, so to kick off this week of ‘re-caps’, I’m starting with Los Angeles. Since there are no direct flights available from FL to Japan, I decided to make a pit stop out of LA for a few days. I really do love LA; the weather, the food, the people – it’s always a good time. Sophie + I spent an afternoon catching up at Zinque Cafe, followed by a ‘beginners’ session with Ballet Bodies {amazing, but such a kick in the butt} + dinner at M Cafe. Speed it up a couple days, we hit up Lemonade, a Hollywood Sign Park, driving through Hollywood Hills, Baby Cakes {THE. BEST. vegan sweets – if you’ve never been, put it on your ‘must see’ list}, Commissary at The Line Hotel, SUR {which we found out apparently stands for ‘sexy, unique restaurant’…how disappointing of a name is that. Food was good, don’t worry}, Stumptown Coffee, Manhattan Beach, etc. I think I hit all the high points.

Huge thank you to Drive STI for loaning me a new Kia Sorento to sport around during my LA visit! I typically drive a mid-size SUV, so I felt right at home {if not a little fancier with all the bells + whistles} in the Sorento. It gave my bestie and I ample room for our oversized luggage…hey, a girls’ gotta have options, while being extremely cost-effective on gas {bonus}! If you know LA, you understand when I say I feel like I’m constantly in the car; driving to and from meetings practically cross country. So having great gas milage for an SUV…huge plus in my book. My rosy red model included an incredibly user friendly GPS {a must in my next car purchase}, censored side mirrors, reverse camera + more! Not to mention STI was a great experience, especially as a first-timer of the program, and so convenient with pick-up/drop-off just outside the airport!

Kia + Drive STI provided my car for this trip, however all comments are unsponsored.

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Great views! Love the fashion styles.

Gotta love LA!!

xoxo, Diana

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I’ll have to use this post as a guide for my visit in April!


I love your pictures from LA, I can’t wait to see more, I’m so glad to hear you had the best time! I am now dying to go!


I love L.A., it’s so much fun! Glad you had a great time!

xx, Alyssa

Looks like an amazing time! I haven’t been to LA in years. And I’m loving your manicure btw!

xx Larisa @

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