Sweet vs salty, one of the ultimate culinary face-offs. I personally can go either way, but do think I lend more to my sweet side. And cookies, well they’re my vice. So naturally, I’m thrilled to partner with Cheryl’s Cookies today to share my take on hosting a cookie swap this holiday season! My bestfriend hosts a ‘cookie party’ every year {which has now turned into twice a year: Halloween + Christmas themed} and I’ve always admired her dedication to the soiree. She preps for multiple days: making homemade dough, cutting out shapes, whipping frosting – the works. Something I know all her guests can truly appreciate. THIS cookie party is for those of us not so inclined to bake our little hearts out. Who’s with me there?!


A cookie swap is essentially an opportunity to quite literally ‘swap’ cookies and recipes with friends. Typically, the hostess with provide wine, take home goodie bags, boxes or tins {I loved these boxes from Hobby Lobby}, along with 1-3 types of cookies to kick off the swap. Each guest will bring her own tin or platter of her favorite cookie she’d like to share with the group. As the ‘swap’ begins, everyone goes around the table to taste test and package favorites to take home. Cute, right?!

It’s such a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit! Because nothing says fall quit like the smell of baked goods and scented candles. Whether they’re homemade or pre-ordered from Cheryl’s Cookies, no one can pass on the sweet taste of the holidays. So gather your girlfriends, set out the wine and swap it up!

Ways to mix up the party could include putting together a cocktail or wine pairing for each cookie. Seasonal beverages {eggnog, spiced chai, etc.} that compliment the hosts’ cookie choices. If you and your friends love baking, ask each gal to bring a printed recipe card for her cookie. That way everyone is walking away with not only a handful of sweets, but the recipe to recreate her favorites at home! I also love the idea of a wrapping/personalizing station, where ladies can write, wrap or embellish their take home goodies. Such a cute idea if your swap is closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, that way your gals can take their wrapped goodies to the next gathering!


Chocolate Chip | A classic favorite. Cheryl’s take on this cookie original is delish – well balanced with a hint of sea salt. Not uber gooey {although a few seconds in the microwave can make that happen} but has that perfect bend I always look for in a cookie.

Butter Shortbread | My personal favorite of the selection I chose for the swap. Anything seasonal shaped just gets me, but the flavor and texture of these are perfection! I often find shortbread cookies to be too dry/hard, but these are a perfect blend of buttery, sugary goodness that literally melt in your mouth.

Ginger Shortbread | Sterling’s favorite of the bunch. The perfect amount of spice to mix up your holiday swap. Love these paired with a little sweet eggnog.

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