A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow DayA Charleston Snow Day A Charleston Snow Day
When a Charleston snow day happens for the first time in 8 years, you grab your coat, beanie + camera, and head to the nearest park for some play time! Am I right?! Yesterday was truly magical. In anticipation of the ‘snow day’, Rachel + I had planned to possibly shoot at some point during the day…pending snowfall. Although when Sterling and I woke up to a gloomy sky, pouring icy rain and sleet…I changed my mind. I basically wrote off the idea and figured if it did snow it would be that thin, yucky precipitation I’ve often experienced in NYC. You know, the kind that doesn’t really stick and/or turns into dirty slush? Meh. No thanks. I figured it would be a good day to stay indoors and get caught up on some emails and house work. Ya’ll, we still haven’t unpacked from Christmas in Colorado, so yeah…

Fast forward a couple hours of bumming it around the house, I look out the window to see some of the biggest {I’m talking dime to nickel sized} and fluffiest snowflakes I’ve ever seen! Change of plans!! Sadly the South isn’t equipped to handle snow of any kind {even our pipes are made for such cold temps}, so the whole city, including bridges, pretty much shuts down. Long story, but Rachel couldn’t get to our house due to road closures. Thankfully, my non-camera-man, but oh-so-loving husband was in town and down for the cause {‘content creation, honey – content!’}. Yippeeeee! We attempted to bring Parker along, but after a few steps out the door he wasn’t having it. Heaven forbid The Sir’s paw get wet.

We headed to Hampton Park with our neighbors and actually had quite a bit of fun walking around, snapping some pics and just taking it all in. Kids were attempting to snowboard off the bridge, hook up water skis to the back of jeeps for a little spin on the road {hahaha}, not to mention seeing a bunch of golf carts driving around in 5 inches of snow – you know, things you just don’t see everyday in the Lowcountry. DAY MADE.

P.S. I have to give this Prana beanie a little shout out. From fallĀ in Colorado to winter in Charleston, this thing is just awesome – so soft and warm, without leaving my forehead irritated as all get out. 100% worth the price if you’ve got a cold weather trip coming up!

photos by the hubs


Love this outfit?

old J Crew Red Parka {similar here + here} | similar Mustard Turtleneck Sweater | A&F Crop Denim Jeans | Prana Fair Isle Beanie | Hunter Tall Black Boots | Sisley Lip Crayon in ‘Tango’

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Sorta jealous you guys got snow! love the photos and that coat is amazing!

Lauren Elyce

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