Y’all know I love me a good earring, especially a statement earring. Over the years I’ve cultivated quite the collection of jewelry, but no category exceeds my earring drawer. I’ve gone through ring phases, and necklace stacking phases, but always seem drawn back to my little lobe lovers. They’re one of the things I feel like people ask me the most when I’m out and about – ‘love those earrings, where are they from?!’ So today, I felt it was about time that I shared my secret sources!

Best Places to Buy Unique Statement Earrings


The least expensive of the bunch here! Although I will preface that this site can be a little hit/miss in the accessory department, but worth a deep dive if you’re in the mood for a good hunt. I’ve been a tride + true fan of ASOS since college. Their in-house label keeps getting better and better. Including their jewelry categories. I’m not afraid to wear my hair up {and let’s be honest, that’s pretty much all I do in summer}, so I never leave the house with a naked ear. ASOS is always a go-to for vacation earrings. They’re crazy inexpensive, so if they get lost, break {or heaven forbid your baggage gets lost} there’s less loss on the earrings front. They’re also extremely trend focused, which is always fun to mix into your wardrobe at a lower price point.


I think some of you might be most surprised by this inclusion. But Mango is hands-down one of THE BEST places to find affordable statement earrings. Think $40 and under! And earrings that are pretty off the radar for most ‘fast fashion’ sites. H&M, Zara, etc. seem to get picked over and over produce their products so you start seeing pieces over and over. Rarely do I see another gal dazzling in Mango. Just saying. Their designs look high-fashion, unique and are pretty darn good quality for the price!

unique statement earrings - acrylic flowers


We all love Etsy for it’s array of product categories. From textiles and pottery, to vintage finds and fashion pieces – it’s a source of endless potential, with new sources added daily. Most of the unique statement earrings you’ll find here are handmade, often making them one-of-a-kind. Price points vary tremendously, as Etsy is an online marketplace that allows sellers/makers to determine their own pricing. Nevertheless, there are always hidden discoveries to be found here. One such shop I’ve discovered and purchased from is CrazyLittleSilk. Elana’s floral designs are just stunning, and the color options are spot on.


From local to international, supporting independent designers is always a priority when I’m purchasing fashion + accessory items. Granted, they’re not always the most cost effective {everyone’s gotta make a living!}, but they’re beautiful, truly unique statement earrings that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. These are often also pieces you’ll want to hold onto forever. Independent designs typically use higher quality metals, thread + hardware to produce a more elevated product that will withstand the years. Take Julie Vos for example – her gold pieces have become true staples in my wardrobe. I’ve worn her pieces in Charleston, traveled with them to England, Italy and even the Caribbean. I find her designs to be impeccable, and transition really well from work to vacay and summer to winter. That type of consistency is worth investing in, in my book.

Designers I find myself gravitating toward over and over include: Cass Dickson, HART, Beau & RoNicola Bathie, Lisi Lerch, Julie Vos + Kenneth Jay Lane. Just to name a few.

Unique Statement Earrings White Pearl Hoop Earrings

When you’re shopping for your new statement earrings {particularly online} make SURE you look at the measurements. Earrings images on sites can be extremely deceiving, especially because many sites don’t showcase their styles on an actual model. This can make it a tad trickier to determine if you’re looking at a ‘stud’ or ‘statement’ earring. I typically stick to 1″ or more when I’m wanting for of a statement stud. 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ for a dangle statement.

Where do you buy your unique statement earrings from?! I’m always looking for new places, so share your favorites in the comment section below!

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I really appreciate that you give tips on all sides of the spectrum of cost – I often want to wear really nice earrings on a daily basis, but when I go on vacation it’s such a great idea to have some low-cost, fun options that I’m ok with potentially losing.

Baublebar and Sweet & Spark are My favorite online retailers for statement earrings.

Happy Monday


Definitely agree with buying off etsy and independant designers, unique and gotta support small business!

Finding ones from Independent designers is my favorite! But thanks for the asos reminder, I always forget about that spot!

alex | adoredbyalex.com

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