First. Euro. Trip. Ever. That’s what I’ll be sharing with y’all this week, and I cannot wait! I had the incredible opportunity to partner with MSC Cruises for a second time {first go around in North America}, and sail the Mediterranean for a week with my bestie Ashley of SideSmile Style. Talk about a dream come true. Coming off of NYFW + LFW, a relaxed week on a boat was just what we needed. Huge thanks to Blacklane for providing us with car service throughout our various destinations. Many of their cars are even equipped with wifi – a huge bonus if you’re traveling abroad with no international cell service.
First up – Roma, Italy! Since there was SO much to cover here, we opted for the longest {most ‘elaborate’} cruise-coordinated excursion for about 8 1/2 hrs off the ship. The drive alone from the port into the city proper is over an hour, but having an english speaking on-site guide with us during the entirety of the day was amazing {definitely recommend}. There’s just too much ground to cover on your own. Even if a group tour isn’t your thing, having a bus take to around to all the must-see sites and explain everything to you in invaluable.

rust colored maxi dress in Rome
rust colored maxi dress in Romecoliseum in rome during MSC Cruise

The Colosseum | It may be cliche, but I was hands down the most excited to step foot inside the Colosseum during our day trip to Rome. The largest amphitheater ever built, and seriously magnificent. The thought of all the emperors, gladiators + people of Rome who came to this sight as onlookers of battle re-enactments and  We were forced to squeeze in this magnificent monument into 30 mins. of our day

rust maxi dress in rome, msc cruise in rome
Coliseum | Rome, ItalyVisiting the coliseum in 20 mins on a cruise rust colored maxi dress in RomeItalian alleyway in Romekristin clark and ashley aspinwall in rome, italyroma italy exploring with MSC Cruises rust colored maxi dress in Rome rust colored maxi dress in Romefacades of rome, italyvatican city, rome italy

Vatican City | From a Biblical perspective, Vatican City is the epicenter of Catholicism. And although I’m non-demonational Christian, visiting Vatican City was top of my list. Seeing the patio from which the Pope addresses the people, to the Sistine Chapel, to the construction of hundreds of pillars surrounding the city itself, was truly an experience. Not to mention the history! I had no idea Vatican City is actually an independent state all it’s own {the smallest in the world}. With it’s own money, it’s own governing laws, etc. I feel like I need to read a book about it all prior to my next trip so I’ll be able to appreciate it all even more.
Due to time constraints we weren’t able to actually go inside {see that big long line of people? it was longer then that in person…people line up at the crack of dawn and stand in line for over 2 hours}, but seeing the sheer size of this place was seriously eye opening. For example – that tiny little gold ball you can see at the tipy top of St. Peter’s Basilica {the main church – front a center} holds 15 people alone! I swear the proportions in Rome kind of throw you off. Everything is just SO. GRAND. It’s amazing.

rust colored maxi dress in Rome
rust colored maxi dress in Romerust colored maxi dress in rome
roma italy exploring with MSC Cruisesroma italy exploring with MSC Cruises
rust colored maxi dress in Rome rust colored maxi dress in Rome

coliseum in rome during MSC Cruise roman ruins during MSC Cruise
the pantheon in rome

The Pantheon | Such a cool experience walking in here. A bit more crowded then I was expecting, but that what probably a misguided notion. It is a free-entry, must see sight in the city after all. But the ornate, interior dome is stunning. A spot you can enjoy in it’s entirety in about 30 mins, or less if you’re speedy like our group was!

rust colored maxi dress in Rome colored buildings of Rome

vatican city rome italy

Outside Vatican City.

window peeking into the coliseum

This view. Something about this picture at the Colosseum just takes my breath away.

rust colored maxi dress in RomeMaxi Dress | Crossbody c/o | Sunnies

Although I was only able to explore Roma for a portion of a day, it’s 100% a place I will return to explore more in depth. But that’s part of the reason I was so eager to take a cruise for my direct trip to Europe – it’s a great way to see a lot in a short amount a time. Get a little taste, and decide where I want to the look_800

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Beautiful pictures of Rome! Love your dress, great for the Fall

You are an absolute STUNNER! So pretty <3

Such a beautiful dress, and the scenery is obviously stunning too!

Shae @ Current Habits

I love the size of your bag!
Abbie E.

My husband and I are going to Italy in 2017! We’ve been saving our sky miles for the last couple of months : ) Enjoy the rest of your time abroad.



That color looks so gorgeous on you!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

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