11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts 11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts 11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts 11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts 11 Ways to Embellish Holiday Gifts
Day 2 here we go! Today, I’m thrilled to team up with a 12 days alumni – Rewined Candles! This year Rewined is giving 11 lucky winners a package bundle that includes a candle of your choice + a soap trio! Their soaps are a newer product for them, and they knocked it out of the park! They’re the perfect size for gifting individually or as a trio, stocking stuffers, etc. And I love how they’re drink related, so gift your friend a little ‘Champagne’ or Pinot Noir’ in a fun way. See widget below for entry details. 

In addition to today’s giveaway, I’m sharing 11 ways to embellish gifts this holiday season! I’ve always loved gift wrapping, and find it very special when you put a little extra effort in. People notice, and they feel even more special knowing your put thought and time into not just the gift itself, but the presentation. Granted, I LOVE doing this. If it’s not your thing {I get it, we’re all busy}, then this one won’t be for you. BUT whether you’re headed to your parent’s for Christmas morning, or your friend’s White Elephant party, here are some fun ideas that everyone will love!


  1. Vertical Ribbon – like a candy cane!
  2. Poinsettias – I’d recommend a faux stem
  3. Small Ornaments – Any color you choose, with any paper!
  4. Hand Painted Bow – Great for kiddos to join in the wrapping fun
  5. Criss-Cross String – No wrong way to do this one
  6. Large Personalized Letters – Most craft stores sell these in ornament form or in the wood section. You could also paint these letters for a pop of color
  7. Berry Stem – One stem goes a long way; break apart as you see fit
  8. Greenery – Cut a stem from your tree or use an herb or eucalyptus
  9. Cinnamon Sticks – Pretty and they smell good too!
  10. Thick Satin Ribbon – A classic and always a favorite. Get wired ribbon to help hold shape
  11. Tulle – Available at craft stores in smaller stools and lots of color options

    photos by Julie Livingston Photography 

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