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My Charleston home office has been ‘under construction’ for quite a bit at this point. Granted, it’s been a low-priority room, in comparison to the common areas, guest room + master, so it’s still very much a work in progress with lots of exciting elements in the works. BUT, I recently added a new addition to the space and wanted to share a little sneak peek with y’all!

You may recall a while back, I introduced y’all to the amazing new Samsung The Frame. At the time I thought the sleek design would be perfect for our guest room, however when Samsung approached me with the opportunity to get my hands on one of these innovative TVs, {eeeeeeek, so exciting right?!} I opted to put it in my office instead. My office is used way more then the guest room, after all. And there’s something so soothing about having a workday with the sound of ‘Friends’ playing in the background. Anyone with me?!

This is an LED television that’s placed in a super sleek ‘picture frame’ style setting, which allows it to live within your room’s decor, all the while looking oh-so-chic. You can place in Art Mode, which allows the screen to display customizable artwork – whether it’s a family photo, a picture from a recent trip you took, or one of their 100+ professional options from Samsung’s custom artwork library. Also, from now until March 17, Samsung is running a promo where with every purchase of The Frame, you will receive a 6-month subscription (+30 day free trial) to the Samsung Art Store!

The interchangeable bezel is available in 4 colors {white, natural, mahogany and black}, so The Frame will truly blend well with any home decor style. Personally, I have the screen slightly tilted so there’s not a glare when I’m sitting at my desk, but the No-Gap wall mount allows it to be completely flush with the wall, which is pretty incredible.

I’ve had it hanging in my office for a couple weeks now, and have received multiple compliments on the art displayed! When people find out it’s actually a LED TV screen, they’re shocked. Definitely a game changer for the room.

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This is absolutely amazing! It looks just like a gorgeous painting. Also your home office is A total dream. Honestly i just love everything about color by k!

    Thank you so much, Lauren!! Still lots of fun details to come, but I’m loving the direction 😀

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