Earlier this month, I visited BoConcept Miami to work with one of their in-house designer’s {Bibi – she’s amazing if you’re in the area} to mini makeover my Master Bedroom. We decided to add a few winter-esk pieces to enrich the space + make it feel a bit cozier for a winter master bedroom feel.

I’ll admit, walking into any furniture/interior store can be a bit overwhelming – where to start, can you afford anything, how does the whole process work – the list of questions can go on and on causing some to just not even enter the store at all. At least that’s how I’ve felt in the past…it can be daunting to say the least when you feel out of your element. I’m here to say – the design process in partnership with BoConcept was seamless with Bibi’s help! Very approachable + easy to navigate the options.

Winter Master Bedroom w. BoConceptWinter Master Bedroom w. BoConcept Winter Master Bedroom w. BoConcept Winter Master Bedroom w. BoConcept Winter Master Bedroom w. BoConceptWinter Master Bedroom w. BoConcept Winter Master Bedroom w. BoConceptWinter Master Bedroom w. BoConceptWinter Master Bedroom w. BoConcept

First up – we decided to focus our efforts on one room, the Master Bedroom. Honing in on one specific area of the home helps keep things manageable. I haven’t had an area rug in the room since we moved into the new place a few months ago, so that was a priority on my list. Bibi showed me various options to choose from, and was extremely informative about each fabric/texture as it would relate to ‘living’ in the space {i.e. styles that may be good vs. bad for pets, difficult to vacuum, etc.}, while also getting a read for my personal home decor preferences. We landed on this gorgeous faded leafy-print option that just spoke to me. I love how it softens + brightens the room at the same time, and will look equally as beautiful over the dark wood floors of our new Charleston home! Although we’re not moving for several months, I expressed to Bibi my intent was to find pieces that would work in both spaces {our current modern condo + our more traditional style Charleston home}.

Secondly – we wanted to bring some color to my formally all white bedding, with an on-trend winter master bedroom color scheme. Moody florals and mauves are all over interior design magazines right now, so when I laid eyes on these uh-mazing soft pink velvet pillows. Let’s just say, I knew right away they were a MUST. We then opted for these deep floral accent pillows to add a pop of richness. These choices also brought some femininity to a usually very masculine looking room with white + shades of grey. A balance Sterling + I struggle with in our decorating haha.

And vuola! An updated Master Bedroom with the help of a few added pieces. I was able to take my new pillows home with me same-day, and the rug arrived shortly thereafter a couple weeks later. While I visited the Miami BoConcept showroom, the brand is internationally know with locations all over the world. I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in the market for sprucing up your home this new year.

Photos by Luccia Lowenthal
This post is brought to you by BoConcept. All images + opinions are my own.
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This is such a cute post! My husband and I packed up our place and put things in storage to travel the world. We will be settling down later this year and will need to update our master bedroom for sure. Love the airy feel with the pops of color! Thanks for sharing! http://www.busywifebusylife.com

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