source: Organic vs. Conventional Gardening

Let’s be real, I feel like I spend countless hours browsing Pinterest every week {ok, everyday}.
Especially on the weekends, I find myself referencing back to Pinterest for project ideas, recipes and inspiration. So, even though I typically don’t post on the weekends, I’ll be bringing y’all some weekend ‘Pinspiration’ on various topics that spark my interest every now and again on S/S – hope you enjoy!

First up: Gardening. Since owning a home I find myself pouring so many hours and dollars into my place. Sometimes it’s fun, and other times not so much. This weekend I was consumed with ‘gardening’ – which I’ve never really done before by the way…but it was necessary, trust me. Here were some helpful/fun tips I found along the way…

save your green with frugal gardening tips
Source: Save Your Green With Frugal Gardening Tips
annuals vs perinnialssource: What is the difference between annual & perennial flowers?

easy maintanacne flowerssource: Top 10 Easiest Perennials
Potted Hydrangeas source: How to Care for Hydrangeas

Anything specific you would like to see on the Weekend {P}inspiration please share!
I love discovering fun, new little projects to research and take on.

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GREAT IDEA! I’m looking forward to looking at these! 🙂

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