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If you’re following along via Snapchat or Instagram, you may have seen I’m currently in Charleston for the next couple weeks getting things started with our new home. Talk about being a kid in a candy store! Being able to thumb through magazines, scour Pinterest + work with an interior designer to piece together this new space is a D R E A M. Even though this is technically the 2nd home we’ve purchased, it feels like our first ‘real’ home. One where we’re putting more thought into our purchases, having an actual cohesive color scheme that suits both Sterling + I, etc. Can’t wait to turns all my adulting fantasies into reality with this house! Haha. But really.

From the get-go, the ONE piece I knew I wanted to incorporate within the main living space was a blue sofa. Wasn’t sure the shade of blue, the style, the fabric, the size…I guess I didn’t really know much, but blue was happening. I thought I’d share some of my favorite blue couch spaces I’ve come across during this research process {i.e. countless hours on Pinterest}. Whether it’s the layout, overall color scheme, couch construction – each of these speak to me in their own way. Cannot wait to share more with y’all on this new home journey!

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

I love how the duo of blue couches grounds this light + lofty space.

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source | left + right

Not sure if Sterling will be down for the pink pillows, but I do love the soft, feminine touches to the space positioned on the right. We’ll definitely be incorporating some gold accents though!

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

Love how this space is so stylishly minimalistic. It’s just done so well. And major swoon over those wall sconces – may have to steal that idea to frame some artwork.

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

Again with the pink + blue…I think it’s a sign.

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source | left + right

How dreamy are these bookcases?! I mean, who wouldn’t want a rainbow wall of books?

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

I’m still not sure if our style/space is cool enough to pull off cow hide, but I do LOVE the look of it. It adds such a cool texture and sense of rugged-ness to a space that’s kind of fun. We’ve tossed around the idea of possibly incorporating the textile within smaller accents like pillows or benches.

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

Top 10 Blue Couches for 2017image source

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Lovely design inspirations

I have always wanted a blue couch as well! We’re in the process of redoing our living room/dining room and fingers crossed a blue couch makes it in.

xo Laura Leigh

I love the blue sofa idea, so unexpected and so perfect for Charleston!

XO, Niki

I’ve never thought about a blue sofa…but we do love navy around these parts. I absolutely love the way that it looks and now I really, really want one in our home!

xoxo, SS

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