Happy Monday, y’all! Oh and what an extra happy Monday it is. The launch of the 6th annual #HOLIDAYbyK is finally here! I’m thrilled to share this series with y’all again this year, and hope you enjoy all the amazing brand partners + content I’ve got coming your way.

First up, Greenleaf Gifts – you may remember me sharing this brand earlier this year during my Galentine’s Brunch. Greenleaf is a wonderful fragrance company based in the Carolinas, and have crafted some incredible + unique fragrances. I’m particularly a big fan of their sachets! When they first sent me one I wasn’t sure what to do with is, but now I’m addicted haha. They’re great for clothing drawers, cars, laundry room, cabinets or even as a sweet addition to the gutter packaging of a gift! They’re gifting twelve {yep, 12} of you you’re choice of a full size Signature Candle + Flower Diffuser.

Keep scrolling for entry details. But possibly even more importantly than that, I’m also sharing 12 ways to give back during the holidays this year. Including Greenleaf Gifts initiative, which is near and dear to my heart.

12 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays


  1. Make a purchase from Greenleaf Gifts, and a portion of that sale is donated to organizations that help break the cycle of human trafficking, the fastest growing crime in the world. You can read more about the Greenleaf Cares mission here, along with their partners for change. Furthermore, you can score 40% OFF WITH CODE ‘KRISTIN40’ on your purchase this Cyber Monday! This discount never happens, so definitely take advantage!
  2. Donate canned goods to your local food bank. Be on the lookout even at your grocery store for donation bins {you can often purchase + drop off at the same location}. Donation drop offs can often also be located at a nearby business. Everyone deserves a hot meal to celebrate this special time of year; your donation could help make that happen for a family in need.
  3. Tip the amount of your bill. If you frequent a spot you love where the staff makes you feel at home, remembers your order, etc. this would truly make their day!
  4. Give a $10 Starbucks gift card to your UPS, USPS, FedEx and/or garbage pick-up crew. I do this every year and they absolutely love it! It’s just a small token of appreciation for all they do throughout the year. I also sometimes leave a little box of snacks out for the postal workers as well!
  5. Pick up the tab for the car behind you at your frequent coffee stop. A smile act of kindness to a stranger goes a lot way, and may positively effect their day more then you realize. You could also give the cashier a sweet card for them to pass along for you, simply saying Merry Christmas and encouraging them to pay it forward this week. You might start a ripple effect!
  6. Adopt a child or family from your church of location organization. Growing up, my family did this each year. It was a great way to learn as a youngster the importance of giving back and that there were others less fortunate in our very own community. I loved picking an ‘angel’ from the tree, which would typically show the name + age of a child in need, and heading to the store to pick up something extra special for him/her!

12 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

The gift of time

Giving back doesn’t always mean spending money. Here are a few ways you can volunteer your time, abilities and talents to give back during the holidays. These will typically hold true year round as well! Organizations say there’s always a spike in volunteers during the holidays {guess it’s just that holiday spirit coming out!} but there’s still a need year round. Consider volunteering once a month, or even once a quarter!

  1. Volunteer at your local community kitchen. Shifts are only a couple hours, and serving others is a wonderful way to give back during the holidays.
  2. Donate gently used clothing and products to a local women’s shelter. I do this regularly at My Sisters House in Charleston, often with new items I receive through pr packages and simply can’t use the abundance. There is always a need for clothing, toiletries and linens at these shelters. Your donation is truly helping someone get back on their feet, or even supporting them getting out of a unhealthy living situation and setting them up for success on their own.
  3. Pass out cookies in your neighborhood or on your street. I did something similar to this around Valentine’s Day and know it put a smile on our neighbors’ faces! Not to mention, who doesn’t love a sweet treat?!
  4. Offer your time to a friend who is pregnant, just had a baby or hey – just needs a break for a few hours! Run an errand for them, help them wrap presents or tidy up around the house. Can you imagine if someone did this for you?! What a treat, and certainly something to be appreciated!
  5. Take part in a community clean up initiative. This could be a coordinated group beach or street clean, up, or simply you and your family designating time out of your day to tidy up around your community.
  6. If you have a little one in your life {whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or family friend} ask their teacher what you can help with around the classroom! Knowing friends that are teachers, I’m aware of the extraordinary amount of effort that goes into running a classroom full of kiddos. Giving them an extra hand may allow them to put together some extra special experiences/activities during the holidays.

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12 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays with Greenleaf Gifts

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