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I’m no stranger to the hair scarf ‘phenomenon’. Yes, they seem to really be having a moment right now with big box retailers producing new styles left and right. But bringing it back to my cheerleading days in middle school, I’ve been a fan for quite some time. But can you blame me? They’re so versatile! Bad hair day? Hair scarf. Need a pop of color? Hair scarf. They’re a catch all for lazy hair days – which we all need from time to time. 

A silk bandana is a timeless piece that changes the feel of your hair game {all while covering up greasy hair or getting it out of your face}. I swear, the simple addition of a hair scarf can literally turn your ‘ugh, no time to do my hair – guess it’s a pony day’, to ‘wow, she looks so chic and put together’. Best of all, when you’re traveling they pack down to just about nothing, and it’s a great way to mix/match your wardrobe. Whether you tie it on your bag, around your hair, or your neck, a skinny scarf or bandana is a game-changer. 

6 Places to Find YOUR Perfect Hair Scarf

  1. Etsy: My favorite site for finding true vintage {and vintage inspired} hankies. Etsy gives you the ability to discover pieces that are off the beaten path, so to speak. Patterns and prints that are no longer in production, off-sizes – just specialty gems you don’t see everyday. With a plethora of sellers/shops to choose from, no two are alike, and there’s something quite special about that! 
  2. Madewell: The selection here {and quality} is on point. Hats off to Madewell for managing to sustain such a classic hair style all these years. Considering silk scarves are always popping back into ‘fashion trends’ one way or another, they’ve maintained scarves as part of their line up for as long as I can remember. One thing to remember is Madewell’s dimensions are typically going to be your standard handkerchief size. Keepin’ it classic, which is what makes them so multi-functional. Think perfect for hair + bags. 
  3. Anthropologie: In comparison to the typical bandana/handkerchief stature, Anthro really outdoes themselves with their “rectangular long” scarves. And they happen to be my favorite. Because of the shorter width and longer length that tapers at both ends, the uses for this cut is limitless! Even after rolling up the fabric, it lays so suitably around your neck {as seen here in Spain} for a preppier look, but also perfect for a longer hair tie, and bag bow.
  4. Free People: This brand kills it in the scrunchie hair tie department. While I tend to stick to the more traditional shapes, every now and then I opt for this dumby-proof option. Since the fabric is pre-wrapped around a hair tie, you can negate the use of a scrunchie and forgo any woes about having too much fabric to properly wrap around. Simply loop, circle and pull through!
  5. Rebecca Minkoff: The few {but fabulous} hair scarves offered at Rebecca Minkoff really grab my attention. A Few years back I scooped up a RM scarf, and ever since then I’ve always got my eye on this retailers’ ability to produce some of my all time favorites. I find her prints to be elegant and feminine, and can be cycled through multiple seasons.
  6. H&M: On my recent spurt to Lake Como, Italy, H&M scarves were my best friend. I found so many great ones prior to my trip that came in handy for those hot summer days. Considering what you’re paying {hello 2-pack special!}, these are such a bang for your buck. Their styles run the gamete from scrunchies to skinny scarves to bandanas! TONS of verticality to be had, and you obviously can’t beat the price.
  7. When You Travel: Last but not least, always keep an eye out for scarves at vintage shops and markets when you’re traveling! They’re usually pretty affordable, easy to pack, and a great take-home item to remember a trip. Or even a gift for a loved one back home.

If you’re looking for ways to tie your hair scarf, I’ve already got you covered with 9 Unique Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf, but read on to learn more about a few of my preferred shops to buy hair scarves.

photos by Julie Livingston Photography

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