Oh Nantucket! What a special little slice of New England goodness. After recently taking my second trip to the island, I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide that speaks to what to wear on Nantucket in the summer months! A summer packing list, if you will. Because a New England summer is very different than a summer back home in the south.

From flowy dresses and maxi skirts, to lightweight layers and ball caps. I love how diverse, yet casual Nantucket attire can be. Makes packing layers and transitional pieces that will take you from day to night pretty straightforward.


New England offers the best of summer when it comes to the weather. And talk about a reprieve from the smoldering Charleston humidity. Throughout late May-August you’ll experience low 60s in the evenings to high 70s during the day. Along with little to no humidity. Although the mornings can be quite foggy, the fog often ‘burns off’ {as the locals say} as the afternoon sun rises and warms up the atmosphere. You’ll find the mornings and evenings a tad chilly {in the best, most comfortable way}, with warm days. Summertime perfection. The weather really is divine.


I would say there’s no such thing as an official dress code on the island. Pretty much anything goes! From casual jeans and a button-down, to embroidered maxi dresses and flowy skirts.

Let’s talk footwear for a moment. When you’re planning what to wear on Nantucket in the summer, I’d encourage you to leave your heels at home on this trip. Ok, maybe pack ONE style, or a pair of wedges. But primarily, load up on your flats. Aside from possibly a couple evening-only restaurants, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your broken in sandals + flats. Whether you’re exploring downtown Nantucket, or Sconset for an epic bluff stroll, you’ll find the island quite conducive to a good amount of walking.


We spent pretty much every afternoon on one of the many beaches around the island. And loved every second of it. The sand on Nantucket is courser then our fine South Carolina sand, and brushes off so much easier. That may sound like a strange observation haha, but if you know you know. Course sand, along with the lack of serious humidity, truly makes dressing for the beach easier. One pieces, bikinis, cover-ups with sleeves – you’ll be comfy in all of it! Bring your layers if you’re headed out to catch the sunset.

Visiting Nantucket?
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