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The time has finally arrived…another season of NYFW is upon us. If you’re like me, I’m sure your feed is already flooded with a slue of taxi selfies + concrete city landscapes {basically everyone + their Mother is in NYC right now}. Myself included, as I type this on the plane. If you’ve been following along on snapchat {shameless plug – @KristinClarkFSU}, you may have heard that this season in particular marks a very exciting moment for me, personally + professionally. I’m hopping across the pond, for the FIRST TIME I might add {yes…you read that correctly. I’ve never been to Europe before}, to attend London Fashion Week as well! Followed by a Mediterranean Cruise {is this real life?!}. My very first time in Europe will include stops in the UK, France, Italy + Spain. Quite the introduction, eh?

I wanted to switch things up a bit this trip, and allow you to follow me along in a more personal way. I’ve really enjoyed sharing more of my daily snippets with y’all via snapchat, and think most people enjoy the raw, unfiltered-ness of it. SO, instead of overwhelming you with photos + snaps of models on a runway {which don’t worry, there will be some of that also} – I want to take y’all alongside me for the journey. Everything from prepping, checking into my hotel, getting ready in the morning, the shows, showrooms, night long parties, etc. I realize how blessed I am to have these types of opportunities, so I want to share that excitement with y’all + give you an inside look! First things first – how does one get ready for a 22 day trip? Lots of planning + list making + errand running.


One of THE most important things for me to get taken care of before a trip is my beauty routine. Starting with a mani + pedi sesh, complete with Ipanema sandals from Brazil. I don’t know about you, but the ‘feeties’ my nail salon keeps on hand kind of gross me out. Having a great pair of easy on/off sandals {that allow your toes to be completely open} is key. Followed my trip to Ulta. I swear I drop at least $100 before every trip stocking up on new lip products, face wipes + my favorite travel size products. The night before I love doing a couple face treatments: nose/face pore strips + mud mask. The occasion teeth whitening strip doesn’t hurt. And of course schedule a wax visit so we’re all good to go {my past collab with European Wax Center legit changed my lifeeeee}.

pedi2beauty prep beauty prep2 beauty prep3



You know, the usual bank run for last minute deposits + cash withdraws, grocery store for travel snacks + reading material and the post office to drop off packages. It’s amazing how productive you can be if you know you’ll be gone for 3 weeks. I got things done that I’ve been holding off on for months!


22 days worth of outfits…OMG. When I first started even thinking about packing for this trip, I was so overwhelmed. What’s the weather going to be like, how am I going to carry all that luggage through the airport, how many suitcases to bring?? The questions just kept building. Luckily Ashley always knows how to calm me down + put things into perspective {thank goodness one of us is level headed on this trip}. She encouraged me to stick to the basics + things that can be mix/matched, instead of putting together 22 ‘unique’ outfits. Wise words considering I’m not trying to pay an arm and a leg for 50 bags over here. I limited by handbags to one black crossbody, one olive satchel + a clutch {but then I have Ashley’s selection to borrow from also hehe}. I packed blouses that could be interchangeable with jeans or skirts, and neutral shoes {along with my Ipanema’s for casual nights} to keep things classic. There’s something to be said for minimalism in fashion, and given the circumstances for the length of trip, that’s what we’re goin’ with.
packing jewelry packing packing2Grey Cleo Sandals + Black Embellished Eva Sandals c/opacking3packin inpanema

And there you have it! A condensed version of my NYFW prep, because trust me, you wouldn’t want to read the whole thing.

It’s about to get {real} good + you won’t want to miss a thing!

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Have a wonderful trip! Arranging a temporary “capsule wardrobe” works so well for trips! When I went to Europe last year I packed mostly neutrals with pops of pink, and I was able to wear so many different types of outfits without feeling like I was always wearing the same thing!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Have a great trip!

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