Weekend Cruise

Bow Bikini Top: c/o iShine365 | Hat: c/o Tropical Trends

This past weekend I totally surprised Sterling for his birthday with a cruise getaway! We always say we need to take more advantage of the fact that we live so close to the beach, the cruise port, etc. so what better time than the present?! I’m usually a terrible secret keeper with things like this because I just get so excited I want to blurt it out. Not this time my friends…I was stealthy so he had no clue it was coming. hehe. We had a great time drinking away, tanning {or burning} and exploring the Bahamas / the famed Atlantis for a bit.
Cruise Packing | #FUZEnation

Packing: Bow Bikini c/o | Coral Floral Bikini c/o The Orchid Boutique | #FUZEnation additions

Weekend CruiseSkirt: c/o Pop Basic | Hat: c/o Tropical Trends

Weekend CruiseWeekend CruiseWeekend CruiseWeekend CruiseWeekend CruiseWeekend CruiseHayden Reis sunscreen bag c/o

Each and every one of us have a variety of hidden talents, passions, and personality traits that make us unique! Thanks to FUZE, I’m participating in their summer campaign to uncover those different aspects that make life that much more exciting. So here goes…a few things you may not know about your’s truly.

1. Aside from being a total fashion lover, the obvious, I’m also a huge FOOTBALL FAN {Florida State Seminoles to be exact}. My Dad was also a FSU alumni, so being an avid FSU fan just comes naturally to me. There’s nothing like gameday tailgating, the cheers in the stands, and the energy surrounding an exciting win.

2. I’m a SMALL BUSINESS owner. Never thought this would be me at age 24 {full time blogging + freelance PR work}, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Nothing is more satisfying than to not only have a dream, but be able to successfully accomplish that goal all on your own.

3. TRAVEL. Absolutely LOVE it. I seriously take any opportunity possible to take a trip away. Hey, when you don’t have kids and can work from basically anywhere with wifi, you have to take advantage of it! A few places on my wish list: Greece, Tulip Gardens in Holland, & Thailand.

So there you have it: style blogger / football fanatic / business owner / travel enthusiast.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by FUZE via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of FUZE


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Greece is on my list too for 2 reasons: gorgeous beaches and super handsome men haha

Aww looks like such a fun getaway! What a great surprise.

I love your bikini top! hope you enjoyed your cruise, super jealous!


    Thanks doll! These adorable bow tops are my new faves this season – don’t even get me started on the bottoms lol

If I worked from home you better believe the days that I could do it from the beach (or on a cruise) I would! Fun post & pictures!


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