NYFW Travel EssentialsClarisonic | stay cleansed
Planner | stay organized
Dry Shampoo | stay fresh
Foldable Flats | stay comfy
Umbrella | stay dry
Jellyfish Go-Go Charger | stay charged
OleHenriksen Wipes | stay revitalized
Travel Jewelry Case | stay stylish
Essie: Angel FoodChinchilly, Loophole | stay polished

It’s that time of year again…Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week! I’ll be heading up to NYC Thursday to, yet again, take in all the site & sounds of the city and experience the hustle & bustle that is #NYFW {or #MBFW}. It’s an experience I truly cherish and am continuously grateful to be a part of. Packing for the trip is literally a production….there’s: How many shoes to bring? Should I pre-plan outfits {always}? Beauty essentials? Tech essentials {a must}? The list goes on and on. I typically begin my prep work about a month out from departure, although this season has been a bit more rushed with so much other travel early in the year.

Alas, I wanted to share a few of my packing essentials that come in handy – which can honestly be relevant for any travel period, but are especially important when gearing up for NYFW!

Be sure to follow along during my adventure in NYC!

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I absolutely love that jewelry case!

Have a great time in NY!! XO

That travel Jewelry case is everything I need right now! I’m so happy I stopped by!
xoxo C

Perfect timing! I’m headed up next week! 🙂

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