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Where to Find Hydrangeas on Nantucket

If you find yourself on Nantucket island in the summer, it’s hard not to get lost in the beauty that is hydrangea heaven. How a 14 mile long island packs in so much beauty is a mystery. But then again, that’s why it’s truly magical! Nantucket is about 30 miles off the coast of Cade Cod, and while it’s considered a bit desolate in the winter months, the island comes alive in the summertime. Tourists, day-trippers, high end boutiques and shops, farm fresh dishes, dockside seafood, dreamy sunsets – it’s the quintessential setting for a summer beach reach. Every time I land ‘on island’ I always ask myself…where are the best hydrangeas popping right now?! So I figured I may help out by sharing a few of my favorite places to spot hydrangeas on Nantucket.

Granted, every year is slightly different. You never know when blooms will be in peak season. Typically July is a solid bet, but you never know. It’s all dependent on the amount of sunshine + rain the soil received throughout winter, soil PH levels, etc. Not to mention, you never know who decided to trim back their bushes in the off season, or unroot all together! But fear not, you’re bound to find some good pockets at any given time during high season. Although my favorite, it when the climbing roses are just on their way out, and hydrangeas are starting to really pop. Seeing both in peak is a real treat!


Sprinkled all over town, you’ll find pockets of hydrangeas here, there + everywhere! Discovering blooming bushes is half the fun of a Nantucket summer. Get lost in the streets, takes pictures and don’t forget to look up! A few specific spots I’ve seen over the years, and love:

  • ‘Hunky Dory’ | 58 Center Street
  • ‘Happiness’ | Near the intersection of Twin Street + Pine Street
  • ‘Meant to Be’ | Coon Street
  • Old North Wharf ‘Constitution’
Hydrangeas on Nantucket in Town


A long walk from town {well, depending on where in town you might be staying} is the coveted ‘Cliff Neighborhood’. These homes will take your breath away! Not the easiest to actually capture photos of, as the homes are set back off the street, and many have gates or high fencing that prevents a clear view. However, strolling this neighborhood is a must in my book. Roads are living with white shell driveways and sprawling landscapes of climbing roses, lavender, privet and of course, hydrangeas. One drive in particular, that you may often see snaps of, is the famous Nantucket hydrangea driveway located just to the left of the Steps Beach entrance on Lincoln Circle. It’s definitely a long driveway by any standard. But the seemingly never ending hydrangea bushes that line the entire way to the house make it epic. A must see during your visit.


You cannot make a trip to Nantucket without a stroll down the Sconset Bluff Walk. Every time I commit to it, I love it more and more. The sights, the smells, the sounds…it’s truly magical. Whether it’s a grey lady morning, hot afternoon or perfect sunny day – never pass up the Bluff Walk. If you plan to tackle it in the morning, be sure to stop at Claudette’s Sandwich Shop for a breakfast bagel and drink. Or if you’re going for a leisurely stroll, I’d recommend Summer House Beachside Bistro for lunch or dinner at The Chanticleer Restaurant & Gardens.

Hydrangeas on Nantucket | Sconset Bluff Walk
Hydrangeas on Nantucket
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