Fun Shape Sunnies // Living In Color PrintHEART: Kohl’s {$12} // Nordstrom {$12} // Urban Outfitters {$14}
WAYFARER: Nordstrom {$12} // Ray Ban {$165} // Forever 21 {$6}
RETRO: Wildfox {$210} // Target {$17} // Madewell {$209}
CAT EYE: Tom Ford {$380} // Target {$17} // Dior {$315}

Warm weather is hitting every corner of the U.S. and I’m starting to see a plethora of amazing sunnies on the streets! I’ll admit, I personally am not daring enough at times to experiment with such fun shaped shades, BUT I think they’re absolutely amazing. I do have my eye on a cute pair of heart sunnies I’m determined to not only purchase, but also wear in public with summer: it’s happening.

What are your favorite sunnies to rock in spring/summer?!

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Well you know I’m a sucker for the heart sunnies :o)

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

I like the last ones…they kinda look like cat eyes. 😉

Heart sunnies are on my wishlist too!

Kristina does the Internets

These cateyes are stunning! I have a vintage pair and I can’t wait for summer to wear them.
Bowtie Diary

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