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My mornings, like most women, are filled with a slew of tasks to start off the day: breakfast, gym {if I get there}, emails, hair, shower, makeup, etc. Anything that can assist me in speeding up this process I’m ALL about. I’ve recently tried a few new products that I thought might help in the time saving arena: from face to legs. So today I’m sharing with y’all some of my favorite time saving beauty tricks + products I like to use when in a pinch for time.

Call these your ‘most improvement for your time‘ products.


Hands down, THE. BEST. Mascara on the market. This stuff will do wonders for your lashes in a pinch. It gives your lashes insane volume + isn’t clumpy. Recently a Dior makeup artist told me a cute trick to remind yourself with applying: ‘go uptown, downtown and across town with your brush strokes to evenly apply product and not weight down your lashes.’


I originally tried out this lip stain about a year or so ago via Birchbox, now I can’t live without it. I tell everyone this is my top rated lip stain. It’s not sticky, last forever, and give your lips a nice natural color. It comes in 3 shades and meshes with your lip tone.


I cannot say enough positive things about Amarte’s BB Cream. This stuff is literally a miracle in a bottle, no joke. I wasn’t a big fan of BB Cream when it first came out, but Amarte changed the game on that. It goes on SO smooth, fills in fine lines without looking cake-y, and gives your skin a nice hint of soft color. Definitely my go-to for the beach + it has SPF.


Moisturizer in a spray bottle, genius right?! Vaseline is truly a trend setter with one of their newest, and dare I say, revolutionary products. I think we’ve all thrown out our lotion versions of sunscreen in favor of the can, so what’s to say moisturizer can’t be the same? Spray, gently rub in a little, and bam – you’re set. It’s not too think of ‘lotion-y’ feeling, but still quenches that skin thirst and is brilliant on saving time! Love it.


When I’m in a time bind, I always have a stash of go-to ready face wipes on hand. They’re great for early rising mornings when you don’t feel like getting the whole water + cleanser routine going. Plus they leave your face feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

time saving beauty tips

So there you have it, a handful of my time saving beauty tricks all in one place. From a fresh face to a swipe of mascara. What are your favorite go-to time saving beauty products?

Want to try?

ONE: Dior Mascara | TWO: Stainiac Lip Stain | THREE: Amarte BB Cream {also love IT Cosmetics version} | FOUR: Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer | FIVE: OleHenriksen Face Wipes {also love Simple’s version!}


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Thànks for the beautiful tips.

It is true that women always take too much time for make up that’s why you always go late in parties and other ceremonies. In this scenario your shared points are very important and effective to safe time, because time in money.

Wow! its so fabulous! I would love to try it because it sounds really amazing ! And who don’t want to save time? So thanks for sharing 🙂

    An absolute MUST for me, I think I have like 3 extra packs just lying around the house lol

that dior mascara is my favorite -and the only kind I buy!

The Casual Classic

Oh nice! I love anything that saves time, haha.

What a great post! I would do anything to save some time in the morning 🙂

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