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Floral Bedding c/o Bluebellgray | Hair + Makeup thanks to Glamsquad

Ah, summer is in the air {although I suppose it ‘technically’ doesn’t hit until June 21st} so I feel it’s only fitting to switch up your home decor to incorporate a few more seasonal references. While summer may not give us those obvious options of a string of lights or leaf wreath, you can totally splash a bit of summer with color {one thing I think y’all are all too familiar with seeing here on LICP}!

When I was introduced to BluebellGray, not only did I immediately fall in love with the uniqueness of Scottish designer Fiona Douglas’ prints + patterns, but I also couldn’t even imagine a more suitable bedspread that embodies my personality. As someone who truly loves adding bits of color throughout my life, whether it’s in my wardrobe or at home, Taransay was a natural fit. The process of how Fi creates these beautiful home centerpieces is pretty incredible: from hand painting each design, using a printing method that allows every brushstroke + color to be accurately captured, to sourcing the highest quality fabric materials from the UK. The designer is even branching out to tableware/serving ware {hello backyard brunch}!

Now if only Sterling would let me splurge on a hot pink couch to match! Ha…I can dream.

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So pretty — love how you paired it with stripes and your fab bed! YOur hair looks SO good. Need Glamsquad up my way.


This is a gorgeous print & I love the adorable photoshoot you did with it 🙂

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista

Pretty floral printed duvet

OH MY! I would have been in absolute HEAVEN had I known about this place when I was in college! I absolutely love all the patterns and mixing you did to create the perfect summer sleep area! Love it!

Darling Down South
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I don’t see what Sterling wouldn’t LOVE about this duvet, it’s really pretty! ha! I actually love it (and your hair too) adorable post.

See you in a week, AH!

xo Jessica

I love how bright and fun this bedding is! Your whole room is so adorable!

C’s Collection

Obsessed!!! Love the bright colors – and these photos are adorable!

Love your bedding! I’m really intrigued by your headboard too. It’s so pretty!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

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