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Happy Monday dolls – and this time it really is a HAPPY Monday!
I’ve teamed up with several other fabulous blogger on possibly {ok, most definitely} the most exciting giveaway yet here on LICP – a chance to win $1K visa gift card! Can you imagine a #StyleSpree with that kind of cash on hand?! Each and every one of us has pitched in to make this possible for y’all, so take a minute, check ’em all out and follow the entires as listed.

NOTE: you MUST enter every single ‘required’ entry to be eligible to win – additional entries will unlock once you’ve entered correctly & are a bonus! Entries will be verified before choosing a winner.

Ruby Girl || Living in Color Print || Happily Grey || GBO Fashion || Moiology

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That was exhausting but 43/43 entries gained! Good luck to all! <3

wish i could enter but i dont have a smartphone-or instagram

    You can have a web version of instagram (http://instagram.com/) – no smart phone required 🙂

      Any idea and how can I create an account? I don’t have smartphone or instagram and I only see the option of login 🙁

        Hi Geraldyne, you can ‘login’ via your Facebook account with the widget! 🙂

          no, it’s not possible to register online: via instagram’s help page “Right now, you can only create an Instagram account using our app on your iOS (ex: iPhone) or Android device.” Using facebook does not come up as an option to login, only enter a username and password which you can’t get without registering first. 🙁 bummer

I’m so excited to be a part of this giveaway with you! Thanks for helping with the graphics!


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