Striped Culotte PantsStriped Culotte PantsStriped Culotte PantsStriped Culotte Pants Striped Culotte Pants Striped Culotte Pants Striped Culotte PantsStriped Culotte Pants Striped Culotte Pants Striped Culotte Pants

I’ll be honest, I’ve not been the biggest fan of culotte pants up to this point. I love them on other people {typically those a bit taller then I – I mean, hello Fashion Jackson!}, but never found a pair I felt looked great on me. And even now, as I share these Striped Culotte Pants, I’m not entirely convinced I’ve been converted. Haha is that terrible to admit? They’re a tough act to pull off! But when I came across this cinched waist option at Zara while back, I thought I’d give them a go. Fashion is supposed to be fun after all, right?!

As the temperature still hasn’t fully dropped to proper fall outfit weather, I paired this with open toe heeled mules and a sleeveless turtleneck. Which I swear, is still very much so still a turtleneck, as I thoroughly felt during this shoot, haha. Can’t wait to be in Colorado this week and rock ALL the turtleneck my heart desires. I felt these Striped Culotte Pants in particular needed a slimmed down and simple top to complement the striped pattern.

So, do tell – what do y’all think of these Striped Culotte Pants on me?! Not sure it’s a trend I’ll be repeating on a regular basis, but never say never.

photos by Rachel Red Photography


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