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We’re so close to spring, I can almost feel it in the air! Every morning I head to the porch, tea in hand, spring sweater on, and enjoy checking on our lasting porch plants. Most have mainly bit the dust {I’m no green thumb…but I try haha}, but we have a couple hanging on. Including our citrus tree which has been LOVING LIFE these past 6 months. For which, I’m particularly proud of. Although, if I’m being honestly, Sterling has been keeping up with it the most haha. Plants, paired with the sounds of early spring like sweet little chipping birds – don’t you just love that natural music in the morning?!

This past weekend we were blessed with a couple days of sunshine, which made for the perfect opportunity to get some yard + garage work done. While it wasn’t glamorous, organizing, de-cluttering and donating brings up both so much joy! Well worth the hours we’ve been putting in these last two weekends to get everything tidy. All our planters are cleaned out, organized and READY for blooms in a couple weeks! We like to wait until mid-March to plant for spring for two reasons. 1. The temperatures are still quite chilly, and I don’t want that to stunt any new growth. And 2. The nurseries have better selections the closer we get to spring.

So, until spring officially graces us with her presence, I’ve been frequently wearing spring sweaters. Like this pale pink number. Pieces that provide warmth from winter, but look like spring! These are some great, versatile spring sweaters that will transition with your wardrobe from now into early spring. Or even into early summer, depending on what part of the country you live in. Even in South Carolina, I love keeping a beach sweater on hand for evening strolls or late night bonfires.

The Best Spring SweatersThe Best Spring Sweaters

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