Paint Colors for a Historic Home

Choosing Paint Colors for a Historic Home

Renovations are full of choice after choice. Layout, windows, doors, door hardware, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting fixtures, and on and on. And while it can absolutely get a bit overwhelming, taking one decision at a time is the best approach. Easier said than done, I know. But luckily, when it comes to paint, it’s one of the last/final steps of the entire process, so you have time to mull over your colors.

When we hired Designer Jennifer Patterson, one of the key components of working together was establishing a paint schedule. After working together for several months and having a better idea of the overall direction of the home, she was able to present a narrowed down version of paint selections for approval. The pre-edited list she provided was absolutely wonderful, and saved me the headache of muling over every single color for what would have been weeks on end. And even then, I still made some mistakes. We ended up painting our Family Room + Master Bedroom twice. And I’m still debating changing the Family Room color again. So needless to say, it can often be an ever changing process.

In the end, don’t overthink it – it’s just paint! You can always switch it up. Or be like me, and paint a room 3x until you land on the perfect hue haha.


Use Samplize for the easiest peel + stick squares! You can move them around the room to visualize colors in different corners and in different light variations / times of day. I found it to also be way more affordable {and less of a mess} than purchasing multiple sample cans.

Choosing Paint Colors for a Historic Home

Trim Color

When is comes to paint colors for a historic home, it all starts with the trim. It’s the base, and really sets the tone and feel of the entire home. Cool vs warm. Grey vs green undertones – for example. Knew we wanted a soft white, and differed to Jennifer on this front. I am so happy with our choice to go with Benjamin Moore’s ‘White Dove’ in semi gloss on the majority of the trim throughout our home. It’s soft, with warmer undertones, and pairs beautifully with our ‘Provincial’ stained wood floors, antique furniture and the overall color palette we envision for different spaces.

Paint Colors for a Historic Home

Master Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Opal

Trim Throughout

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook

Benjamin Moore Sheep’s Wool

Guest Room Trim

Benjamin Moore Horizon

‘Kids’ Bath

Benjamin Moore Blue Veil

Dining Room

Benjamin Moore Wales Grey

Laundry Room

Sherwin Williams French Moire

Sitting Room

Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green

Family Room Built Ins

Benjamin Moore Central Park Green

Family Room Walls

Benjamin Moore Green Frappe

Finishes We Used

Exact finishes can vary from paint brand to paint brand. Paint is definitely an investment, so I’d recommend doing some research prior to purchasing your paint to ensure the finishes you decide to go with with suit you’re lifestyle. And also take into consideration if you’re painting on textured or smooth walls, fresh drywall, etc. I had no idea when we started this process how much really goes into paint – it’s way more than just colors.

TRIM | Benjamin Moore ‘Semi-Gloss’

WALLS | Benjamin Moore ‘Scrubbable Matte’

WALLS in FORMAL ROOMS | Benjamin Moore ‘Semi-Gloss’

CEILINGS | Benjamin Moore ‘Flat’

V-GROOVE KITCHEN CEILING | Benjamin Moore ‘Semi-Gloss’

Paint Colors for a Historic Home
Photos by SLK Photography
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