Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m the dry shampoo Queen. Seriously though. As someone who has very oily hair, it’s a product I use religiously {at least 5+ times a week}. It’s the perfect remedy to not washing/drying/styling your hair every single day {lazy alert}, but it’s also a good assist to maintaining healthy hair – I think most people would agree you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday, so the invention of dry shampoo is truly revolutionary. A life saver in my book! Who’s with me on that one?!

With my product obsession here, I think it’s safe to say I’ve tested no less than 25 different dry shampoo formulas. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I do know a thing or two about my dry shampoo, people. There’s a lot of strange ones out there {at all price points}, making it tough to decipher through the good, the bad + the downright horrible. You know that leave-in dinging white residue, or crunchy hair feeling? Or maybe the ones that just smell down right funky?! Blah. I’ve honestly thrown away full bottles that just didn’t work.

When I discovered MOROCCANOIL┬álaunched their own dry shampoo in TWO ‘hair tone’ formulas {the key component}, I was ecstatic…but really. The new formulas contain that intoxicating ‘Moroccanoil’ scent – that I swear lasts throughout the entire day. If you’ve never tried any Moroccanoil products, you’re seriously missing out! In addition, two distinctly targeted formulas for different hair color: light tones + dark tones. Genius! I can personally only attest to the ‘Light Tones’ version {all the brunette reviews I’ve read are on cloud 9 also}, but y’all it’s SO worth the cost. Between the amazing smell, blend-ability {no chalky aftermath} + the fact that I really don’t have to use as much as I tend to with other brands, we have a winner folks.

Let me know if/when y’all try out this new formula – would love to hear your feedback as well {especially you brunettes}! SLASH – if you want to win some free product to test on your own, check out their #JustForHue contest {enter now-June 5th}!

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Love this stuff…it’s the best! And you look adorable in these photos!

Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

Ah! I love their dry shampoo! Great post, lady ­čÖé


I love it! You don’t even look like you’re wearing dry shampoo!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

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