flag cake recipeHAPPY 4th of JULY!

I haven’t put together any style inspo this year, but I mean it’s all really about the food anyway. Right? Haha that’s how I see it. Every year since I can remember, aside from the typical BBQ, my family has had a 4th of July tradition of making this ‘famous’ Jello Cake | Flag Cake. I know it sounds kinda strange, but it’s seriously delicious – and I don’t even like cake! I made it for rommies/friends in college and this year I’m spending the holiday weekend in South Carolina with my boyfriend and his fam so I’m thrilled to carry on the cake tradition AND share it with y’all!

I’m sure there’s a more scientific recipe somewhere, but I usually just go off of memory and ask my Mom for reminders {haha my go-to for cooking lessons over the phone}.

1 cake boxed cake mix | white, yellow, or lemon – your preference
1 family size/large pack of jello | I prefer strawberry/red, but anything you like will do
1 small package of pudding | optional, but makes cake extra moist
1 package of fresh strawberries
1 package of fresh blueberries
1 tub of cool whip
1 rectangle glass cooking dish

INSTRUCTIONS {allow several hours or overnight for cooling}:
– Cook cake following box instruction & allow to cool completely
– Once cake is cooled, use a fork to poke lots of holes in uniform rows across the entire cake
– Mix jello package only using 1/2 the water required
– Slowly pour liquid evenly over cake | it will pour into the holes and around the edges
– Place cake in fridge for several hours to completely cool and solidify
– ‘Ice’ cake with cool whip
– Place fruit for garnish in a stars + stripes flag shape {I use blueberries & strawberries, but raspberries would work also!}

nom nom nom

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I made these in elementary school!! This brings back a lot of memories!


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